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Of the reviews on your other site, how do you see what people are saying about them . Are their links to the forum.

And what about categories of music, the long list of threads in the music section is not catergorised, so trying to find genres of music other people have a particular preference for, so you can chat to them, is quite difficult.

can I go to say electronic and look at all the album reviews and posts in their. There isn’t much in the way of the forum setting the threads and encouraging discussion on certain topics it doesn’t look like, rather the long list makes scrolling through a bit arduous. Shame as I really like the feel of the site, it’s name and the reviews you are doing, but I can’t log in too to post a score of a review from your other site. An error message keeps coming up

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Yeah Sean! These are all the problems!


Assuming you’re talking about this forum only for the categorisations you may find some appropriate tags people have used here:
but in general you should just use the search option within Music and see what results you get. Better to start with specific artists as that might get you a thread dedicated to that type of music.

Articles have no comments. You are welcome to open a new topic to discuss a particular article on the main site or you may find people are discussing it in a thread dedicated to that band or type of music.

We removed comments on reviews as they often became attacks on the writer rather than discussion about the record. There are now more record related discussions on these forums.

Sorry the threads would need a full time person logging and tagging them. We don’t have the resources for this unfortunately. Many threads are tagged however by users.