Music channels


Which ones did you watch? I think I mostly watched MTV2, Kerrang the Box, MTV Base, and MTV Hits and sometimes if there was something good on VH1 but thought that was for old people.


Didn’t have any but my friend used to video lots of stuff from MTV2 and Kerrang in the early 00s and lend me the tape.

When I watch music videos on youtube that are recorded off MTV2 i always feel like I’m watching his tapes again even if it was never on it.


remember videos like this on MTV2


Mtv2 all the time. It was where I learned that Zane Lowe is a massive shit.


mtv2 (mtv pioneers was the best programme), kerrang (pretty much exclusively stuff I didn’t like, but still watched it all the time), scuzz a bit later


I love that album but had no idea that had such an insane video! I didn’t have satellite at that time or for many years afterwards, the closest I got to MTV was watching Beavis & Butthead on Channel Four.


Occasionally see Kerrang when channel hopping in other people’s houses these days, I love that they’re still playing all the same videos they were 15 years ago


mtv pioneers had musicians hosting it sometimes, remember J Mascis most clearly though for some reason. the only song I remember him picking was Williamsbury Will Oldham Horror by Jeffrey Lewis though


p-rock tv! that channel was legit amazing

also remember turning Scuzz when it first started on mid afternoon and they played a three punch of Rest Will Follow by Trail of Dead, Setting Fire to Sleeping GIants by Dillinger and Love Rhymes by Blood Brothers. so good


Have to resist the urge to yell “FUCK YEAH” out loud while watching this.


Used to watch MTV2 in the early 2000s all the time. Occasionally dipped into Kerrang if a Sum41 video or something drew me in.

These days if I do happen to skip through them success tends to be Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne or something rather than things I actually listen to.


4music when it launched was pretty decent. Then it rapidly changed directions.

The Box


Obviously MTV2 but The Amp started about the same time as Scuzz and I remember switching between them a lot. First heard some stuff like Reuben and Million Dead on those channels.

MTV Base was good when they did throwback stuff but there was a lot of really shit R&B in the mid-2000s, glad that’s changed.


Mtv2 and The Amp. WWE Raw and then the second hour of 120 minutes were my life in year 10/11


P Rock was the best, except for the amount of ska they played.

Vintage TV is pretty great. Some of their shows are like drunk YouTube sessions.


really miss MTV2 from the era when they didn’t have any programmes just viewers playlists


I remember there was a channel called “The Box” that was basically a proto-MTV2. I think it was even replaced by MTV2. One of those two channels was how I first discovered At the Drive-In through “One Armed Scissor”.

If you ever felt the need to suddenly listen to The Flys’ “Got You Where I Want You” or Kottonmouth Kings’ “Bump”, odds were you’d be in luck.