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I’m currently researching the various distribution platforms and wondering if anyone here can share their feedback on services they’ve used? I’m looking at all the usual suspects (Distro, Ditto, TuneCore, Amuse, Repost etc.) and from what I can gather, it’s really much of a muchness - they all have their pros/cons and I realise that you’re unlikely to streaming revenue. Obviously, I could go down the Bandcamp only route but I also don’t expect to make any money that way so figure it’s better having the music on the big streaming services than not at all. Would appreciate your thoughts.


Do bandcamp as well for sure. As with bandcamp you can actually make a little money. A few folk will want your music to download in hq formats, you could add some physical format at some point or a t-shirt etc. It’s also a nice universal link to use-as lots of folk use different streaming services.
Streaming - I’ve used both tunecore and distrokid. Both work well, distrokid was cheaper at the time.


I put some stuff out on distrokid earlier this year - the process was fine and it was nice to have it all uploaded quite quickly.

The only con i could see was that I couldn’t seem to find the relevant tax code on my HMRC documents, so I haven’t been paid anything (not that there is a lot anyways!)

Also do bandcamp and soundcloud though, as they are accessible to more or less everyone


I just signed up for Distrokid, and I am happy with my financial bind and music upload capabilities.

For me, and I will limit my involvement to original compositions, this is a great deal and opportunity.
For 20 dollars a year, I can upload unlimited number of songs (original compositions), and my songs will be distributed to a number of music vendors like Spotify, Amazon, Apple, iTunes, and many more vendors.

Any feedback?

Thank you.

Definitely do bandcamp in addition to streaming, I’ve made about four times more on there from a handful of sales than I have from streams.

Distrokid is fine, no major complaints really although I have only used it so no real frame of reference.

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Thank E_C!
I will check out bandcamp.
Thank you.