Music Facts for you to drop on hot guys or rockin' chicks you meet at a party or other social events.

In Germany Mark B & Blade are known as “Mark B Und Blade”.

Lay that one on them and they’ll be putty in your hands.


Ed Sheeran is wrongly credited as the inventor of the loop pedal

In truth, he actually discovered it while walking around in nature

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The drummer is the only member of ZZ Top


Haddaway now lives in Kitzbuhel

Leo Fender (inventor of the stratocaster, telecaster etc guitars) couldn’t actually play the guitar.

Despite being a multi-instrumentalist, Thomas “Thom” Yorke cannot in fact read sheet music.

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The music venue in Edinburgh is further west than the music venue in Bristol


Only nerds can tbf

It was the kid with glasses on The Wonder Years that played saxophone on Baker Street and not Bob Holness.


Nick Knowles is the man behind the Pinocchio mask in Slipknot, this was chosen for him as his name sounds a bit like Dick Nose.


He made the mask? Talentend guy

Pretty sure Neil Bucannan made the mask. He devoted an entire episode of Art Attack to his process.

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Amazingly, King Creosote is neither of royal birth nor made up of a mixture of aromatic hydrocarbons.


Got him and King Krule mixed up and thought it was weird loads of people seemed to like him

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When Frankee released F.U.R.B it was marketed as a retort to Eamon, when really it was originally written aa F.U.R.B.Y about them weird doll things

H from Steps’ real name is Jay


“When a man is Boards of Canada he is bored of life*” - Samuel L Jackson

  • and cheesy chips with gravy

Mickey Dolenz’ mum invented blu-tack.

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No member of Imagine Dragons has ever successfully imagined a dragon.