Music: Good or bad?


Time to finally put this to bed once and for all. Is music good or bad? NO CHAT


Some of it.


should have done a poll you newb

  • GOOD
  • BAD

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I think I prefer Music’s earlier stuff


I like the mid-period


‘Take The Long Road And Walk It’ was okay.


I used to push trolleys for Sainsbury’s with The Music’s lead singer’s brother. Fucking have that.


depends entirely on the haircuts


What is the best music to listen to?


would vote, but it’s not secret ballot.

discourse = fascism


you can make them secret if you want

  • A
  • B

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It’s the voter identity we want secret, though, not the choice you’re actually voting for



this post is at least 5 characters




I’m a fan of the extended 12" mix and also the dub version. Not into the radio edit, though.