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So now we’re getting hung up on how massively different “expects” and “wants” are?? :rofl:

Ok yeah, probably time to leave it…

Well yeah, but only cos “expects” and “wants” are different words with different meanings.

But then “music hot takes” and “a tedious argument about the meaning of irony” are 2 different things as well so maybe we should take pity on this poor old thread. Very happy for you to DM me if you want!

This is the correct answer.

(Nico J a close second.)

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Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada & Autechre are just Mike Oldfield, Marillion & ELP for Gen-Xers


…They’re quite good actually!!


Steady now


I know there’s a thread for this but I relistened to Siamese dream and Mellon collie at worth this week and had a lovely time. MC does still dip ever so slightly on the final 3rd but it’s still a mighty impressive record.

Watch out lads hot takes coming out of my eyeballs!

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And the name of that thread is the Music Hot Takes thread

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It’s some good advice
That they just didn’t take.

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Her lyrics are good?!

Ok I’ll DM scagden as to why she’s clearly talking about stuff that wasn’t “expected” in basically every single one of the examples that get ridiculed.

Not sure why debating/analysing one of the “hot takes” (remember this did actually start with my hot take on the subject, it’s not out of nowhere!) Isn’t appropriate for this thread, or can’t be skipped over by people with no interest…

But I will say no more after this!

I mean, it’s all subjective and that…
But no they aren’t. (you are welcome to discuss it though, ofc)

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Cool. On both counts. Me and my debating partner took it private as people seemed to be thoroughly done with it :joy:

I think her lyrics are visceral and honest on that album and I like it a lot.

Not sure though if Aphex Twin ever wrote a song as good as Moonlight Shadow, ditto BOC with Kayleigh and Autechre with Fanfare For The Common Man :man_shrugging:

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I’m happy to be proved wrong though.

A penny for your takes, my DiSers.

disclaimer: puns are ok outside the football thread right lads

There’s maybe a strong point here, but then again, it’s still using the “heavy” prefix in Twenty Twenty One!!

That’s so wrong my brain bends right back round into believing it must be correct.


Listening to ‘You’re Dead’ by Flylo the other day and it kept on reminding me of Tubular Bells


This is a bit like the whole ‘all post rock is boring’ statement. If you define ‘heavy metal’ narrowly enough that it only includes risk-averse and dull bands then it’s true (if not very useful). E.g. you could say ‘Svalbard don’t count as Heavy Metal cos they’re incorporating ideas from other genres’ and then it becomes self fulfilling that all that remains in ‘Heavy Metal’ (or ‘post rock’) is boring.


This. I’m not a mega-fan of SK though I do like what I know, so wasn’t really comparing it to their other work, and I enjoyed the album. Solid 7/10 for me.

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in turn of the century techno animal (not martin/ broadrick) named stakes, piccoto ‘lizard’ stands up better than rolando ‘jaguar’ @wikihock

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