Music in 2017

Who are the bands or artists you are waiting for with anxiety?
Do you think someone will disappoint you? Who will produce the album of the year, instead, according to you?

I have great expectations about Grizzly Bear, Broken Social Scene, Japandroids and St Vincent. A bit afraid of Arcade Fire, the xx and Fleet Foxes (two works in one year?) I’m curious about Magnetic Fields’s new big work, Shins and Spiritualized.

Looking forward to the new Los Camp! because I really enjoyed their new tracks at Us Vs. Them. Will listen to the new At The Drive-In but I expect it’ll be boring.

Worried that St Vincent will be a let down. Quite hyped about Flaming Lips. Fleet Foxes will be good as well I reckon, he’s had a while to marinate.

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Hoping Autechre will release an official live thing of a recent gig.

i don’t get anxious about this sort of thing, just like i don’t get angry at beyoncé and solange being rated highly by pitchfork

Aldous Harding ! Due out in March i think. The new songs she has been playing are amazing. It’s Produced by John Parish as well.

I’m super excited for Grandaddy, and again The Wrens claim a release in the coming year, so if that happens it’ll be pretty huge.



13: Jupiter Hollow - Odyssey [EP]
13: Pain of Salvation - In the Passing Light of Day
17: Need - Hegaiamas: A Song for Freedom
20: AFI - AFI (The Blood Album)
20: Mike Oldfield - Return to Ommadawn

3: Big Wreck - Grace Street
3: Soen - Lykaia (rym has this as the title)
10: Blackfield - V
10: Thunder - Rip it Up
22: 22 - You Are Creating: Limb 1
24: The Mute Gods - …tardigrades will inherit the earth
24: Persefone - Aathma
24: Peter Silberman - Impermanence
24: Steel Panther - Lower the Bar

10: Nova Collective - The Further Side
24: Steve Hackett - The Night Siren

7: Deep Purple - Infinite
Big Big Train - Grimspound

Confirmed Titles:
Chic - It’s About Time
Joey Eppard - Word to the Wise
Dave Kerzner - Static
Moonloop - Devocean FB Tw (Spring)
Ours - III (Spring)
Radical Face - SunnMoonnElippse [EP]
Sculptured - The Liminal Phase (Early)
Textures - Genotype
U2 - Songs of Experience

Confirmed/Likely to be Released (but no Title or Release Date Yet)

Bent Knee
Bullet Height (Spring)
Diablo Swing Orchestra
Flying Colors
Galactic Cowboys
In Vain
Major Parkinson
George Michael
Native Construct
Pillorian (John Haughm, ex-Agalloch)
Reign of Kindo, The
Small Leaks Sink Ships
Solstafir (1st Half)
Spock’s Beard
Subterranean Masquerade
Tiny Giant


Broken Social Scene
Capital Cities
East of the Wall
The Faceless
The Family Crest
Godspeed You Black Emperor
Spencer Ludwig
Ne Obliviscaris
Neverending White Lights
Nothing More
Pepe Deluxe
Ramona Falls
Red Paintings, The
Sigur Rós
Sleep Party People
System of a Down
Roger Waters
Steven Wilson

I’ll believe it when I hold it in my hand

Guns N Roses

Mogwai have a new LP to mix. Hoping it’ll be a return to form but as the first LP without John I can’t say I’m convinced. Fingers crossed

Has there been any update on the wrens?last I read it was on hold as the lead singer is sadly battling cancer

Ed Droste is currently streaming new Grizzly Bear on his instagram

sounding good !

Really looking forward to seeing The Hotelier in January. Hoping Brand New are gonna put something good out before they split. Still holding out hope for the Jim Ward-less ATDI but we’ll see.

Would be nice to see some more of the interesting R&B that’s been released in the past few years

Dare I even mention… Chromatics?


A lot that could potentially be great:
The National, Flaming Lips, Sigur Ros, Spiritualized, Bruce, Jay-Z, Father John Misty.

Of those not mentioned, I also have hopes for the Chills revival: they’ve been playing some unreleased tracks and I reckon they’ve got another album in them, either later this year or next year. And maybe the Mountain Goats? They average an album every 18 months or so, so I guess we might get lucky?


There’s a similar thread to this one over here:

Just remembered: Hookworms

Any new song from the artist’s from this mix, I’m pretty stoked for.

Perfect timing!

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