Music in languages which isn't that of its most famous versions


Inspired by @weeber :

Obvious but great start, though mostly this is only its “less” famous version in the UK…


Dunno which is the most ‘famous’ but i guess kraftwerk’s different language versions?


You asked… :neutral_face:


Not sure if this is what you’re after but Faye Wong’s cover/rewrite of the Cranberries’ Dreams is great:


Came across this the other day after someone mentioned the most famous version is a cover


Two for the price of one:


Totally screwed that up and now I can’t edit it.

Here’s the link. She worked with the Cocteau Twins on a few songs and her voice has been compared to Elizabeth Fraser’s



Sie Liebt Dich (yeah yeah yeah)


About fifteen years ago I was visiting my dad in Spain and, having rented a car, decided to see what sort of popular music they were playing on the radio. This was quite a surprise:


Did you mean cover versions in a different language?

Or original versions that were in a different language previously?


I remember being in my uncle’s car in Paraguay when I was a kid and bring thoroughly confused when this came on the radio