Music Industry vs The Planet

Surprised how little discourse there is from music industry, musicians and tech this week, given how big a deal COP26 is. Especially if you compare to something like BLM or Brexit coverage in music press.

Just revisited this article with some eye popping stats about music consumption

“…in 2016, streaming and downloading music generated around a hundred and ninety-four million kilograms of greenhouse-gas emissions—some forty million more than the emissions associated with all music formats in 2000.” The Hidden Costs of Streaming Music | The New Yorker

There are a few initiatives but would be curious if you’ve seen others this week, recently or commitments in the past…?

I’m really intrigued to see how many companies will sign up to EarthPercent, which is similar to (RED), where a percentage of revenue will goto campaigns tackling the climate emergency.

Found it interesting listening to Brian Eno discussing the climate opportunity on this podcast (run in conjunction with No Music On A Dead Planet)

If you want to learn more about climate change and some of what the music industry is doing or could do, this Facebook live was great (skip 14 mins in)

I have seen a LOT of acts joining this cause and trumpeting it on social media tbh so a bit more prevalent than seems maybe:

NO MUSIC ON A DEAD PLANET | Music Declares Emergency