Music iq quiz

241 which is probably pretty low for around here

Hip Hop is not my forte. Thankfully there were some older entries that I knew of.


Same as with @feedthecollapse, I was really tested by the hip hop. Given you get 200 points for the first 4 levels, which are all piss easy, it’s a bit hard not to get 230+

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I was wondering about that too. The “harder” levels (which are mostly just recent artists) are worth less than the lower tiered ones. I’m also pretty sure I got a perfect score on one of them despite making at least one mistake.

was just interested to see who’s going to be first to pretend they got a perfect score

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was good for introducing me to Speedy Ortiz, though. Gonna have to give that album a listen

Confused jack white and cage the elephant :man_shrugging:t2:

248, in your face

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242 got a couple hip hop ones wrong and loads of modern indie i’ve never heard of. i can live with that.

i don’t understand why the number of points gets lower as the questions get harder. wrong way round surely?

234 Have to say im ashamed

Got very lucky with some guesses

246 - Couple were lucky guesses based on the artwork

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not uploading this to be petty, just don’t feel like anyone will believe me otherwise


yeah everyone can photoshop mate!!!



I know hip hop but I don’t know the album covers of modern indie pop.

yeah I nailed it on the second go too

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  1. Funny how many of the covers look like the songs sound…
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just Songpop innit