🎷 Music League 10 🎷 Playing the long tracks game! 🎷 Round 10 - Insults

Music league 10 is coming next week!

I still need round choices from some of you….

RM Qualtrough

No rush but in the next 4-5 days would be good

Here is the league link

Check out this β€œDiS League 10” Music League! Music League

3 rounds are up for grabs.
Reply IN to this post to be in the Discobot draw


IN because I’m greedy for more round choices

Back and ready for it all over again after skipping the Christmas league.

IN, though Discobot hates me

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Metal MachINe Music!

Thanks in advance, Discobot.

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Even Jamos has picked a round now? Sigh. In.

1 x Downvote?

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hey man, i earned that right by being so bad at the game for so long @brainfreeze was forced to finally take pity on me


Hmm, never considered the pity angle, that’s interesting. I think before last round me, you and Paulo13 were the only people to have played every league and never picked a round.

Over to you, discobot…

Was thinking about taking a break but a strong last round to claim 10th place in the festive special going into the 10th league seems like an omen. We go again.


i was also in this camp until league 9


struggling with round 1

IN we go

Can only think of one thing for that round and it’s awful. Not even charmingly so, just flat out terrible.

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Is talking in time with the music rapping?

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So help me god if someone submits Yard Act.


As much as I’d love to submit Dry Cleaning, I know it’d be a total cop out



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I am IN.

Like how in the DiS leagues you get the future rounds ahead of time. In the other one I was playing the winner of each round picked the next theme, leaving little time to think of a suitable track.


nINe INch nails

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