🎷 Music League 10 🎷 Playing the long tracks game! 🎷 Round 10 - Insults

the guys like to do this thing where they don’t vote for any of my songs, it’s a funny little game they play. a funny, funny, funny little game


I thought we were friends @Jamos

For my next song in the JAMuary thread I’m gonna make a tune and read out a Wikipedia page over the top of it

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So originally I was going to play this and was stunned no one else had given it’s an entire album based on food

But then the Knishes thing made me think of Spud Infinity which I knew would do worse but I thought would be funny to throw in there, and the incredibly mixed response it got is testament to that


Basically I took the L for my own amusement


Very happy with how well Hangar 18 did, but kind of stressed too because now there’s pressure to do well again after picking 311 right out of the gate with intentions of exposing people to a bunch of unpopular all-time favorites this league with the hopes of getting a couple people to see the light.

Somehow never listened to Rust in Peace until the thread about it a few months ago. One of the fastest runs from “never heard this” to “all-time classic” ever. I’m obsessed.



Hangar 18 is obviously one of the greatest songs ever made, from one of the greatest albums ever made, but I’ve bollocked on enough about it in the RIP thread. A deserved win anyway


Still on single figures after 2 rounds

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Missed a trick, could have covered buildings AND food

I think this league I’m only going to submit songs that are a fucking ruckus. Sorry not sorry in advance


penguins are not food :frowning:




hoping for some real specific titles in the next round. ‘vice president of product integration’, that type of thing


Last time we did a jobs round I got to play pne of my all time favourites… So good, I could play it again… But I won’t, will just leave it here.

I read “disagree” and immediately thought “thank god I’m not the only one who’d eat a penguin” whilst also forgotting those biscuits even existed


@Marwood giving multiple points to both members of the @Spen78 and @brightlight household. :1st_place_medal::+1:

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There are two songs that I’m very much expecting to see in this round and I’ll be disappointed if nobody picks them.

I might even give one of them points.

I’m always disappointed to see songs I’d expect in a round.

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Maybe expecting was the wrong verb.

I’ve just been searching through my music files and I got two that are by proper DiS artists. Both of the songs are (at least) good choices but I think I’ll now be relistening to one of the albums tomorrow because it’s beautiful.