🎷 Music League 13 - 6pm NovaraLIVE, new playlist 7:30pm best evening 🎷 Round 10 - Family

oh, i like my pick but just thought of one that would be much more successful

ah well

Forget it. It’s in the past now… a bit like this playlist!


Forget it Brainfreeze. It’s Music League.


This must be one of the most experimental playlists we’ve had.

Some wonderful standouts so far, really enjoying this playlist!

sorry for being off topic for the thread, but the novaralive i named this league after happened to be especially good last night, on the evening of the inaugural playlist unveiling. coverage of a few news stories, please let me off- they did talk about some recent history…

(4) Russell Brand Suspended From YouTube Ad Revenue | #NovaraLIVE - YouTube

Thanks, just please apply those points to my actual song now.

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Let it be known that the early voters have exceptional taste


Ive got 4 points! Ill finish on 5


Had one of those tragic ML moments where “oh wow, I’ll be kingmaking this” gave way to “crap, I had the same thought when we had it last time.”

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Zero points so far, as to be expected, tbh.

Was a bangin’ playlist. Top edutainment!

Was hard to split just 12 points among so much quality.


Spent some quality time earlier today researching potential choices for your Daredevils round :+1:

Nice! I assume there is a Pollard track somewhere that suits, haha!


This is a triumphant playlist, so much good stuff and so much variety. Going to be very hard to narrow down the votes.

@furryfan why does the league name read like the schedule of evening entertainment at a medical supplies conference?


Just turned on the radio for a bit of round 2 listening and there’s a song from round 1 on.


Doing about as well as I expected (not very) considering I couldn’t really think of anything, pretty annoyed I didn’t think of Bullet or something

it’s the submissions you think that would do well that don’t


Knew the residents would breakthrough one day

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think i’ve just heard the winning track