🎷 Music League 13 - 6pm NovaraLIVE, new playlist 7:30pm best evening 🎷 Round 10 - Family

Despite my deep shortlist, I have no confidence in the next round and have changed my submission 4 times. None are likely to win anyway, so I should stop waffling.

Just to confirm what you already know by now, glad it all worked out for XOX. Minus a win, of course.


Thought of one that I’m 99% sure will win the round, but maybe I should save it for a league where my highest score isn’t from submitting a Tom Delonge side project.

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It probably won’t so jist play it anyway


Had no real favourite for this round & have nothing to play for so just stuck in a slice of Pop perfection - 4 points.

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Really hoping for some good family ties here - give me great uncles, give me step nieces, come at me bro

It’s a Family affair


Instantly know who two picks are from, always fun


Oh man, all he wanted was one stinkin’ Pepsi

Nice to see a few classics.

thanks for popping that 28min monster right at the end

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You’re welcome

Sorry if that came across a bit cryptic. I didn’t want to put anyone off a track they might have been planning on playing by calling anything out directly before the deadline.

I thought you and @Restacked were alluding to King Creosote’s Blue Marbled Elm Trees track. Another option released the same day that made my decision harder was:

Yeah I think that would have done better than my actual pick but … this is the one I built the round for, so I’ll survive

It would have done better than mine too! Chasing points is so gauche though as I always say when I’m in mid-table obscurity in the final round


Some big hitters on this playlist!

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Oh no, there’s an amazing one we had already.

I’ve loosened up my pedantry in this regard, given that ML membership fluctuates so much as well as some recent comments here. Unless it’s very recent of course, in which case even a different song by the same artist still annoys me. I feel like a 2-3 league buffer is nice before repeating artists, maybe 6-8 for repeating songs.

That’s just me though, we all play by our own rules.


Agree with this

the Spotting A Mothers Daughter track didn’t match, for your fyi