🎷 Music League 16 🎷 Robbing the collection plate in the sonic cathedral -ROUND 5 - emergencies 🌪️🚑💣

Thanks for the prompt but I’m sitting this round out, I only had one thought for it & sadly it’s not on Spotify (it’s probably not most Music Leaguers cup of tea either but that wouldn’t have stopped me)


Time will tell if ive fucked it anyway but I am very reassured to see a few other things from my shortlist on the playlist suggesting I did understand the point of the round.

looks like Spotify picked the wrong week to paywall displaying lyrics


Music league giveth, music league taketh away

(I wasn’t aware the double the would wreck me so badly)

Another :fire: playlist! Yo La Tengo, MBV, Sun City Girls… it’s like an ATP 2006 mixtape.

The lack of any pretty much any lyrics I can pick out (other than Louie Louie! Ohhhhhhh) have made this quite an unnerving playlist imo.


Fuck Buttons into Holy Fuck is primo ML sequencing


too much cursing for my fragile eyes

Shut the fuck up


Very torn on this Langkamer song, it’s absolutely lovely and I’ve been to literally everywhere it mentions (I think I know the secret swimming spot they’re talking about and can confirm that Bridge Valley Road is an absolute bastard hill), but what to do about the fact I understand all the lyrics…


as Ducky said, do wonder if people diff listening set-up/habits will impact this round - one thing sounding clear on headphones but not a Bluetooth speaker etc

Langkamer is an anagram of Kingmaker


Really great playlist, this. Good work everybody.

It deffo will the way speakers/drivers are tuned will effect the vox clairty in some of these songs

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doing better than expected - nice. Really enjoy the current top 3 too, keep it up voters

Checks current score good, good, I didn’t feel comfortable being second place in the league anyway, this is good.

Very annoyed I couldn’t give a specific song more than 4 points.

Just realized we have a battle between new faces and original faces

Just realised I still haven’t got a single idea for the next round

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Yeah, I have only found one. I don’t think it will do too well though.