🎷 Music League 3 With a Vengeance - Round 10 🎷 World Music 🎷

This one kicks off on Friday.

Theme - A Track that is not from Oceana, Europe or North America.

Got some bangers lined up for this, 3 points.

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a non european/north american/oceanian artist feat. someone from one of those places

  • allowed
  • not

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Been listening to my pick for this a lot, and three quarters of the time I’m convinced I’ve found something amazing.

The other quarter I’m not even sure if I like the song I’m submitting. Music league will be the acid test


Really looking forward to this one, hopefully the playlist is as diverse as possible!

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Got a couple of good ideas for this

One of my ideas is from Central America but before the pedants start frothing, the round picker has already confirmed Central America is allowed

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My third and final suggestion for this league.

Based on artists’ location. Preferably their place of origin and at time of recording, but as ever I’m sure there will be grey areas.


Central America
South America
To be honest I’d be welcoming to any North American country other than USA or Canada.

Wouldn’t have a problem with a non-eligible region artist featuring as long as the song didn’t seem to be more about them than the rest-of-world artist.


On a personal level, I think I look more favourably on local language titles/lyrics for these rounds (e.g. the Europe, Wales rounds) but that’s definitely a marginal preference of mine, not a mandate.

Tough break for artists from Pacific islands


I think I’m deciding between an Asian act, or a South American act but not based in SA. Or maybe something else will pop up at the last minute as well!

this is going to be tough

but it’s also going to be the best round

this goes for both picking a tune and voting

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there’s one I considered for the nine letters one but decided I couldn’t as one ‘letter’ was a non-Anglophone grammatical symbol thingie

Really just trying to exclude Europe, USA, Canada and Australia which have had geographic rounds in Music League before and New Zealand since it’s also an English language-speaking nation with a large musical footprint in the same indie-rock genres that are pretty well represented already on a UK indie forum.

Any other Pacific islands that aren’t part of Australia or USA I’d say probably should count.

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Going to struggle with this one, both with submitting a choice and finding time to listen to the playlist. Unless it’s deemed acceptable listening at my MiL’s wake (unlikely).

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Smashing Pumpkins have probably played in Africa at some point, so they’re eligible.


Got some great choices for this round (4 points), its whether to go experimental or super poppy. Leaning towards the latter. Most looking forward to this playlist out of all of them.

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I’m struggling a bit with this one because my go-to RoW bangers have been submitted (by me) in other rounds.

Got an absolute all time favourite lined up here, so want to do well with it more than any other round this league!

I’m afraid I think I already know the answer to this but is Turkey considered a European country?

Just found a great new artist from there

  • Yes
  • No

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Is russia…

  • European
  • Asian
  • Depends which part of russia

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