🎷 Music League 3 With a Vengeance - Round 10 🎷 World Music 🎷

For me the answer lies with where do the international teams play their World Cup qualifiers, in Asia or Europe?

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Vladivostok is definitely in Asia though right?

Hard to argue with that. And to be fair I don’t think we had any Russian acts in the European round (though there was Turkish).

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Most of Turkey is in Asia isn’t it? There’s just the bit connected to mainland Europe that Istanbul is located in that could be an issue? If the purpose of the round is to steer picks away from more western styles of music, I’d be fine with any Turkish entry.

Given you’re only two points ahead of me in the table though, you’re more likely to not get my points if I know it’s your pick rather than because I think it doesn’t meet the criteria! :wink:


We have had a few world music tracks in previous rounds so if anyone want’s to see what has already been used here is the list of all tracks submitted so far:

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oh i thought of something for this, good

After a poor showing in the live round I’m bringing out one of the genuine best songs ever for this.

Nooooo! How did someone get my pick first! Thought it was a reasonably obscure pick… dammit

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This was one where there are way too many options and it would be completely overwhelming so just decided to go with one of the first things I thought of

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Was enjoyable researching this and discovering the Japanese shoegaze scene and Brazilian pop bangers. Neither of which I chose.

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Could be a bluff or double bluff, not sure.


Looking forward to this round as my knowledge of music outside of America/Europe/Australia is pretty lacking. Had to get in quickly with my song choice because if it the band/artist i had picked had already been used I’d be stuck.

If anyone is struggling for this round, googling β€œBandcamp Daily” + Country usually brings up a good write up about music from that country



thought of an absolute bop for this

Wasn’t short of options, buy went with a new discovery which IMO is fab. You’re all welcome!

I was in a lesson at noon, so I missed my first choice, which would have been a surefire point winner. I’m seriously considering emailing my boss to change my work schedule just to submit to music league.

Just joking. Gone for another complete banger. :slight_smile:

oh no I thought of another absolute bop :sweat:

I feel your pain. I’ve got a list of so many great tunes for this that I’m trying to cut it down by guessing which ones I might be able to play in whatever rounds could get chosen next league. Some have been rolling around in my shortlists for earlier rounds already.

My knowledge of β€œworld music” is deeply lacking. Surprised that I’ve been able to submit my first choice as it’s probably a little more on the populist side. Bangs though, fingers crossed!

Garunteed podium finish

Don’t @ me