🎷 Music League 3 - With a Vengeance 🎷 Round 11 - 2021

A favourite track from 2021

Kicks off on Tuesday at 12pm

You can still join if not already involved…


The penultimate round of league 3.

almost no clue how to narrow down my list for this! also hard to judge what stuff from the Weekly Release threads will count as well known or what will have passed most people by

Found out this morning that my pick (Joey by Aurora Halal) came out last May so back to the drawing board.


Shame - I love a bit of Aurora Halal

Once again looking forward to skipping anything that’s been playlisted on 6music


Think I’m gonna stick with my initial instinct and not start overthinking it

if i have to start looking up 6music playlists to avoid this, so help me

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So this was my choice of round, and I’m clueless what to submit. I will not be winning my own round.

Anyway, the plan is to have you all help me look with it. Really looking forward to a crowd-sourced bluffer’s guide later this week.

Sincerely, the most exciting music league discoveries for me are acts who are still active and still at their best, so this is my brute force solution to getting loads of those.


Damn it, for some reason I thought this round was a track released from last year not this year. Do people not realise I have not had chance to listen to anything new this year as all I have listened to is these music leagues.


predict that i’m gonna change this track about 7 times

Guaranteed podioum Finish dont @me

someone took my song and i reckon it was you

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I thought anais mitchell was you in the duets round though so what do I know

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Seeing as I’m also going to be on the podium this round, it seems like there’s only one spot left free for everyone else!

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Submitted something I heard for the first time yesterday, intrigued to see how it does.

think i’ll be switching a lot just to see if my other possible picks have been taken or not, really curious what vibe this list will lean towards

Does the song make you want to dance?

I too also tried to pick that Anais Mitchell song


I’ve submitted a banger but it’s quite an obvious one.


Submitted but already considering swapping…

I guess we will find out what the DiS community’s (that play music league) favourite track (on Spotify) of 2021 is so far. That’s gonna be quite intriguing.

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