🎷 Music League 3 - With a Vengeance. Round 2 Scotland 🎷

Kicks off on Saturday.

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Gutted this banger isn’t on Spotify


A version of this is:

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Really unsure what to pick for this - I had an artist in mind who I’m now saving for another round. I like lots of Scottish stuff but trying to think of artists who won’t definitely be picked by other people anyway is tricky.

Tempted to put in a track by a Scotland-based friend but then I might be a bit too invested in how it does/the comments

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yeah think I know who I’m going for here, nearly put them in a couple of previous rounds so now feels like the time!

(also an uber-obscure noise-pop pick isn’t on Spotify sadly)

although also tempted by a funny pro-Bucky dance anthem, so :thinking:

Yes, there is a tricky crossover with the 4AD round!

There’s a whole raft of Scottish indie music DiS absolutely loves that I…don’t, so approaching this one with trepidation. That said the Wales round was a real treat so hope to have a similarly wide-ranging playlist.

Mine is for another round, but I’ve also got a couple of good Scottish collaborations in mind. ffs.

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I’ve got a cracking choice that I think is relatively obscure, and might do alright.

Wonder who the big Scottish artist is we can antibants into no-one picking this round, following Nick Cave and Feeder/Stereophonics.

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Apropos of nothing we’ve had quite a bit of Twilight Sad already…

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I’d never considered myself anti-Scottish, and indeed I have visited and enjoyed Scotland very much on any number of occasions, but I realise now that I don’t really like much Scottish music, apart from the obvious band, obviously.


Ooh. I could win 500 points…


I just thought of an act who would otherwise be an ace lesser-known pick that I like to share with people, and then remembered I first heard them through DiS so

oooh okay

got my artist narrowed down to two

Everyone knows Mogwai are the only band in Scotland. There are literally no other bands.