🎷 Music League 3 - With a Vengeance 🎷 Round 3 - Nine Letters 🎷

Track names with nine letters. Starts on Wednesday at 12pm


If you are interested then anyone is free to join.

Sign up. Post a Spotify link to your song through the link. Then when the deadline has passed a playlist gets published then you vote using 10 points which you can allocate any of the tracks. You can give more than one point to a track if you like it’s up to you.


Got some good ones lined up for this - 2 points incoming!

after being annoyed at how impossible it is to search your library for this, i’ve ended up coming up with a few good ones. happy with my frontrunner.

Going route one for this. A title that’s one nine letter word. No pedantry will take me down

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I’m going for a 2 word title with a total of 9 letters but still feels a bit like I should be going one 9 letter word to be a proper purist

i’ll win this one and all the other ones


I have two contenders for this currently. I’m expecting both to be submitted by others before I can get to them.

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There’s a nine letter track I’ve been meaning to submit for a few rounds now (and almost submitted for the anything goes round). It’s not going to win (have a sneaky feeling that I know what will) but it’ll be nice to get it out of my system.

is a space bar a letter?

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coming up with a pick for this is going to be quite the conun-

oooh I have such a delightful pick for this

Got a very strong pick for this round (3 points)… can I check though, if it’s nine letters across two words does that still count?




Think I have one. Seems an obvious choice for me, so gonna have a look see what else I can find.

Thank god for Last.fm for rounds like this haha

Something good about this round:

Nobody’s going to make one of those ‘I love this band but you picked the wrong song’ comments if you’re submitting literally their only song that’s within the rules.

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Ok, so I have exported my spotlify playlist of 2,523 favourite songs into an Excel sheet, run a formula to total up the number of characters (after deleting all spaces/numbers…etc) which has left me with 167 songs to choose from…should have started trying to narrow down my choice sooner!


Haha done exactly the same thing. Managed to get it down to 10 songs but they’re all all-time-greats and I’m tying myself in knots trying to decide…

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how do you export? tried looking it up but cant find anything.

I use this site https://exportify.net/

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I counted the letters in my title a silly number of times before submitting. Still scared it somehow turns out to be ten letters when the playlist goes live