🎷 Music League 3 - With a Vengeance. Round 4 🎷 A track < 3 mins 🎷

This was my choice of round, so I’m really looking forwards to what people pick.

My main thought behind this is that it’s quite difficult to write a really good song in under 3 minutes. It would also be nice to breeze through the playlist in one day for once!


should be a good round for punk rock


Got a good one for this. A really good one! Deffo a double figure score.

Good round for beat tapes too.

Good round for whale sounds

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oh nice, I can use one of my shortlist for the nine-letter round

I am expecting fifty 2 minute 59 second songs

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Stuck between a few options from one of my favourite bands, who I’ve considered for a few rounds before but never committed

OR a banger that’s quite different from my usual but would be fun and could be a big hit/total flop/would be a nice change of pace anyway

one of my candidates is 31 seconds!


This is what I’m going for

Wonder who be the one to submit β€œYou Suffer”?


gah this is legit my pick :smiley: if I can get there fast enough

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I’d been considering it. Thought of something more interesting though.

there are lots of grindcore tracks with nine letters @Acorn

two rounds in a row full of grindcore is it? :smiley:

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problem wifh so many grindcore tunes to pick from is how to narrow it down

y’know, because they’re all equally good

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even β€˜grindcore’ has nine letters #makeuthink


I would absolutely LOVE a playlist full of grindcore tracks. Sadly, I don’t think DiS will ever be ready for it.


Preparing for this round is working wonders for my last.fm stats

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Odds of someone submitting a track >= 3 mins

  • Nailed on certainty m9
  • Nah, this is a round where you cannot fail to stick to the round criterion

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