🎷 Music League 3 - With a Vengeance 🎷 Round 5 - Names 🎷

Trying really hard to resist submitting a very obvious Hip-Hop banger for this round.

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Those 3 abstaining sausages are now my enemy

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Wrong thread but whatever


My point still stands now 2 sausages

Got some laundry to do, not sure I’m gonna have time to post my votes

Just put a 10 next to my track and get it over and done with


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Think the filter on my washing machine is blocked. having to slowly drain it by hand. kitchen floow is soaked

Was roundly beaten to this one, fair play

I’ve got about 4 or 5 songs I reckon could do quite well. I love all of them, so it’s almost impossible to choose! I’ve submitted 1, but may change it before tomorrow.

I’m expecting less than ten points with this one, even though it is an awesome song.

spent ages deliberating over this one, which usually ends up with me being more annoyed that it’s done badly. find choosing a song really fun though


Ditto. I think with this choice I’ve made a decision that I no longer care about points – it’s all about sharing and hearing great songs, and potentially some comments.

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I’ve got the choice of an obscure banger, a solid but slightly known quantity, and a modern but divisive tune.

Will probably flip around between the three over the next 24 hours.

also all my picks this league have been female fronted but think i’ll break that streak unless i have a last minute change of heart

I’ve been having to make a concerted effort to at least have half of mine sung by women (in addition to the any songs with more than one singer). But it finally led to my best score in this round just now, so that was good!

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Have no idea what to pick.

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But I’m confident I’ll do well

Just changed my submission for only the second time ever. Not sure why I tried to convince myself not to submit what I have, it’s one of my all-timers (3 points).

submitted a certain song, sure that it would already be taken, and it wasn’t

don’t reckon I’ll stick with it, but I reckon it might podium