🎷 Music league 3 - With a Vengeance 🎷 Round 8 - Duets 🎷

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Every 3-4 days you will asked to submit your entry via the website. Then a playlist gets published and you distribute 10 points how you see fit to your favourite tracks.

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This round opens on Thursday. Topic is Duets and Collaborations


my nailed on first choice to this has been slightly undermined by one of the participants featuring a few times recently … Got 3 choices of very very DiS suitable pairings to pick between though

Don’t usually make up my own rules but thinking I’ll score proper duets higher this round cos they’re less common and collaborations are 10 a penny

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Haven’t felt this confident about one of my choices since the dancefloor round.

Bit annoying that spotify doesn’t always show who the guest artists are

Same here, feat. or collaborations are not going to fly with me. It’s proper duets or nothing.

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i thought the round was ‘Duets or collaborations’, now we’re being told collaborations are getting no points? what do you people want?


Ok, I stand corrected as you are right about the round title including collaborations.

*get’s off his high horse and quietly sits back down on the floor.

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I’ll still consider it but will assess it on the level of collaboration as well as the quality of the song is what I’m saying

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Do guest vocalists count as a collaboration? Don’t think the guest was involved in writing the song just sang it instead of lead singer of band. First choice is definitely a collaboration but just in case someone has the same idea as me need a back up.

my first choice is a collaboration that technically should count as a duet but i’m not sure

got a couple of duets from collaborative albums in mind, and one duet by two members of a band (non-collaboration)

and also a track from a collaborative album that is also a duet with someone from outside of the collaborative group which would really cover all my bases, but i might be using one of the people involved in that one in a different round so might give it a miss here

Is it time to crack out some pedantry polls? By gum, it’s been a while

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

  • Collaboration
  • Nollaboration

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The Tamperer ft. Maya

  • Collab
  • Nollab

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A hip-hop guest verse

  • Collab
  • Nollab

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I’ve currently selected a collaboration band composed of two different bands. Both singers sing on it, but not sure I’d classify it as a duet as such.

For anyone who joined the Music Leagues during the second or third leagues and wants to know what has already been picked I have put together a list of all the tracks that have been submitted so far and will be trying to keep it up to date as each round goes by:

There is nothing wrong with submitting the same song across two different rounds (indeed some have done well in two different categories) but some poeple do hold back on voting on a song if it has already been chosen for another round.


i think it’s good as long as there’s at least two voices on the track, and each one sings a decent portion of the song - so not just one person doing a chorus hook and all the rest of the vocals left up to the main singer

so would be fine with a track where it’s just two singers in the same band, as long as there’s some back and forth and trading lines

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this applies to all rounds really, but

  • problematic people/language would put me off voting
  • mainly just voting on the track itself

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Personally I won’t be taking vocals into account. Could be a collaboration in that it’s two different people honking away on saxophones (although I probably wouldn’t vote for that), it’d still count.

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Two instrumentalists collaborating (jointly credited), no vocals.

  • Counts
  • Doesn’t count

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Within reason, its all about the quality. Probably not going to vote for Gary Glitter though even if someone unearths an amazing banger.


ah true definitely agree there, hadn’t even crossed my mind