🎷 Music league 3 - With a Vengeance 🎷 Round 8 - Duets 🎷

Some people hold back on voting if it’s a Wednesday and there’s a verb in the title.

Can’t second-guess these gobshites.


You’re a legend for doing this!


Thanks - I’m happy to include the link in each round thread, I intend to keep it up to date as each round goes live.


For this round would I be allowed a choice which features someone who isn’t usually in the band but in a prominent role, such as Passenger by Deftones (which has a guest spot by Maynard James Keenan) or Battle of Evermore by Led Zepplin, featuring Sandy Denny? These would not necessarily be my choices, they are just to illustrate my question.

fuck. this is going to be a challenge.

not sure how many duets I can even think of

just remembered one of the best albums has a few legit duets on it, cool

I would say that fits the remit pretty much exactly!

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OK, cheers! My big concern was that in most rock music, the tracks don’t have “featuring x” in the description of the track.

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How are we judging “Supergroups” like …trying to think of one no one will pick… McBusted? They’re made up of people more famous for being in other groups but are going under a new band name as a new collective entity? Legit?

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noun: duet ; plural noun: duets

  1. a performance by two singers, instrumentalists, or dancers.

Can’t believe somebody’s gone ‘doesn’t count’ on this one


One that I am on the fence about is a song by a band with two vocalists as their standard; whilst that is technically a duet I kind of feel the spirit of the round is about the joint performance of two acts that aren’t performing together in their usual work.

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counts but yeah i’m only considering (for my own picks) two separate artists coming together for a particular track/project


I’d accept it. Given the round is duets and collaborations, a duet which isn’t a collaboration still fits in my eyes.

Also, I’m not spending as long researching the playlist as listening to it. If I hear two voices, I’m happy (or if it’s understandably a collaboration of another kind).


I would suggest the thread title needs to be amended to include collabs. Otherwise people will get all snooty about not everything being a duet, when the round itself isn’t that specific.

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Yeah that’s a confusing one. Is it different to a band that always has two guitars on the go? :thinking:

Pedant’s delight, this round.

Nah. That’s getting into the territory of ‘every band is a collaboration of musicians’.


I think this is the perfect description of the round for me. Elevating duets over collaborations, making the vocals the defining collaborative aspect or distinguishing between “feat” and “and” as the link between the two artists in the track description all feels a bit arbitrary and unfair.

If the MLer nominating feels it’s a duet or collaboration in this round, then for the most part that’s enough for me.


This is a complicated round for sure.

This round feels like a headache to me to the extent that I feel unless I pick a song that specifically states artist 1 and artist 2 on the track ID then SOMEONE is going to score me down

That’s well annoying though cos spotify is crap for that

imo just submit it regardless of what spotify says and I’ll google the ones with just 1 artist and post the other names in here