🎷 Music League 3 - With a Vengeance 🎷 - Round 9 Live/session track 🎷

This one kicks off on Monday at 12pm

Theme - a live track or a session track


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Have precisely one idea for this, better score good

Would have fitted well into another recent round also

Got a really good one for this

Start of the thread and none of these are on Spotify, so I just want to take this chance to expose people to live Thru the Eyes of Ruby and live Machina era tuned down Zero. Then I’ll shut up (maybe)

What an outro:

God I love his screaming. A tsunami of sludge.

I’ll take it first



Not sure I’ll do this one - the idea of listening to 4hrs of live recordings fills me with the fear

How come

Are you gonna duck out?


Sounds like I’m going to beat you by at least four points this round then!

I’m not sure how keen I am for this round, as mostly I’m not as keen on live songs unless I know/like them already, and I’d prefer not to vote for songs I know. Will see!

I have a song that I have sung my baby daughter to sleep with every night for the last 49 weeks - I will declare a blood vendetta on anyone else who chooses it. Don’t care if the band gets picked for something else (quite likely tbh) - it’s going in.

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I have two tracks for this. One that could score highly and my backup is really nice and could make double figures. I’m feeling optimistic.

forgot this wasn’t on Spotify. for ffs

omg just remembered a fookin’ massive one for this

so massive I said “fookin’”, which I might never have said IRL or in text form


i like to listen to live music

I’ve got a choice for this one. It’s so good I prefer it massively over the standard recorded version. I really hope no-one else goes for it or the same artist.

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I’ve got two good potential ones that I reckon will get snapped up early.

Third choice is an all time banger but it’ll score low.

I chose this round, thought it would be fun since very few of us have seen any live music over the past year plus. Sorry @anon73286315 that you are’t up for it but hopefully the rest of us can enjoy it.

I’ve quite enjoyed doing some digging for this round, found some great recordings I’d never heard before from artists new and old. Looking forward to a festival kind of vibe, just one where you stick around for one song at a time before wandering over to the next stage.


I’ve found it quite fun as it made me realise that I’ve never bought a live album in my entire life. So being forced to check some out has been interesting. For that I thank you Mr Octo!

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