🎷 Music League 3 - With a Vengeance 🎷 - The Final Round 🎷 A Track on 4AD

This kicks off on Saturday. The final round. A track on the 4AD label.


These 4AD band names get weirder and weirder!

There’s a track I’ve been wanting to play since very early on in Music League that I have in mind for this. Better get it early as I don’t have a backup I’d be pleased with.

Yep, this will be my first time I will want to submit a song super early as it’s one of my favourite bands and I haven’t prepared any backups.


Oh and @woweezowee’s slipped and Rickerton’s in here!

(making this joke will definitely ensure I completely fuck the next two rounds and finish nowhere near the top, but I can’t resist)


Really looking forward to ruining my Saturday refreshing this to make sure I get my artist before anyone else does.

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do I go for

[blissful indie pop tune]


[monumental broody goth tune]


Had my mind pretty set on something for this, so will see if I stay true - it’s a good fun jam

I’ve endured a lot of slurs on my good character these last couple of days…accusations of mind games, calls for my ejection from the league, people wishing low points tallies on me…I get that…everyone wants to take a shot at the king…but as an Evertonian in superimposing my avatar on that guy’s body you’ve really gone too far this time Rickerton! :angry:


in researching this i’ve learned that Maria Somerville has signed to 4AD, which is pretty cool.

she’s not released anything new on the label yet though so it’s useless information right now

I think you’re dealing with this high pressure situation very well indeed.

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My issue is that by the time I can submit a track (approx 2:15pm), all the big 4AD point winners will be gone. I’ll be left with Lush. In fact if Lush is the only one left I will refuse to play.


I was was listening to my indie hits of 1994 playlist yesterday and Hypocrite came on and I thought “if someone submits this it’s definitely getting points”

yep, will be in cinema until around 1pm, so fingers crossed some of my top 5 options are still available then!

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Thanks. Not sure I’m going to have to worry about high pressure for much longer though given a dreadful showing in the current round!

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Many apologies - I can only hope that imposing your avatar on him at such a low moment in his life took away some of the pain

It’s certainly an image that’s brought comfort to many a dark night, but right now the parallels are a little too on the nose…

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Literally only know one choice this round. I will straight up have a tantrum if it’s taken.

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Woop, have submitted my band/song choice. First time I’ve selected it so quickly!

i wasn’t sure what to go for for this round so i was considering just trying to get in there first with someone a bit more obvious. but just last night realised that a record i really like, which is the only record by that artist i have managed to get into, came out on 4AD. handy.