🎷 Music League 3 - With a Vengeance 🎷 - The Final Round 🎷 A Track on 4AD

@woweezowee can you send me your round choice please for league 4

he actually said I could take care of it so PM’d

I don’t think I’ve seen it. Can you pm again please?

Sorry for the delay. I’ve needed time to think, and I realise it would probably be best to give the round to someone else. Even if I participate in the next round, it will only be for one or two rounds. Is that OK? If you’re really pressed for time I can make a choice.

Would anyone mind if I choose a round then please?


I think the fairest thing would be to award it to the highest placed player missing out on the prizes, whoever that might be.


Well deserved

That’s Fair! Send me your choice please! :blush:

Think that might have been 2 players…

I’m in favour of giving it to the guy who goes to all of the hassle of setting it up… I admin another much smaller league, it’s a pain in the ass, I reckon Brainfreeze deserves it for his efforts (and because he asked really nicely)!


I agree with this. @Brainfreeze’s choices are also always interesting.

I was only kidding - I got 2 bonus picks last time round since the winner wasn’t returning, would be a bit unfair if I hoovered up this default pick as well. Agree 100% with the sentiments that your hard work as organiser is more than deserving of this one!


Thanks everyone! I’ve got a good topic idea. No idea what song I would pick but lots of options. As soon as @BobRickerton sends his choice I will reveal all the rounds for league 4! Remember if you haven’t picked a round. Reply IN and Discobot will pick a winner tomorrow after 12pm



Do we have to reply in here or will replying in the other thread suffice?

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Other thread is fine! My mistake! :rofl:

can you make a round that’s called no Pixies, Deftones, Deerhunter please cheers :laughing:

SP are ok


Hah, sorry, completely missed the joke that you were engineering yourself a slot for selecting a round!

I know how irritating it is being asked to tweak the game (and my last β€˜suggestion’ was a bad tempered, regretful rant about banning kingmakering, sorry about that :confused: ) but what would the consensus be on moving the nomination deadline to, say 9pm? I missed 2 rounds this league because of the lunchtime deadline and being stuck in meetings all morning! Or, I suppose I could just get better organised?


honestly guys what the fuck

Definitely up for that, being in the US. Actually got worried someone was going to beat me to Jimmy Chamberlin for the drums round if I managed to sleep past 4 am.

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