🎷 Music League 3 - With a Vengeance 🎷 - The Final Round 🎷 A Track on 4AD

There are some really bit hitters on 4AD that are massive DiS bands/artist but I wonder if we might end up with nobody picking them as everyone assumes they have already been chosen? (like no Nick Cave in the Australian round for example)

Got my first choice, weekend officially not ruined.

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got my choice in, bit leftfield for the orignal 4AD incarnation…hopefully those who haven’t heard it will love it as much as I do

thought there would be a scrabble for all the classic 80’s/90’s acts but then remembered they’ve been releasing stuff since then

My lips are sealed.

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Missed my first choice artist so gone for my second. A band a lot of people dismiss due to the style of later albums.

Half wondering what to do if someone else chooses the same artist as me. Would I be tempted to give them some kind of mini kingmaking because I love them so much, or not want to as if like my choice of song to do better?

When I miss out on an artist, I will give it lots of points if the other person chooses the β€˜right’ song. So good luck person who beat me to Daughter!

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I think I’d probably be the same, especially as I’d be super surprised at someone else picking the same song.

I think using the same artist as someone else should be allowed on rounds as limited as this. I have a choice of about 2 artists that I actually know and they’re both probably the biggest bands on the label.

Maybe I should just sit this one out. 10th place is gone and if I avoid this round, I may be lucky and sneak into 24th :thinking:

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Agreed, there is definitely a much more limited choice of artists for this round so I will not have a problem voting for two different tracks from the same artist if they both make my top 10.

I plundered their Various Artist compiliations for my pick. A lot of artists on there that aren’t actually signed to them.

I submitted at one minute past midday, and twenty people had submitted ahead of me. Remarkable dedication.

Got my first choice though, so I’m happy enough.

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Fuck it, submitted something by someone who’s already been chosen. Best of a bad bunch.

How the fuck am I gonna vote in this one :joy: Might just flip a coin and king make a random song.

Gone fairly obvious for this but it’s a huge tune so not worried about introducing people to something obscure this time.

Originally wanted to choose something from David Sylvian’s Spirit of the Beehive which I assumed was on 4AD because of the Vaughan Oliver artwork but apparently not!

Managed to submit a great track for this. One that I absolutely love. 5 points

will probably give 5+ points to anybody choosing a His Name Is Alive song

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It opened about 10 minutes early as everyone got their votes in for the last round

I don’t really like any artists on 4AD. I have a couple of artists I like but nothing I’m crazy about.


Probably still counts

Absolutely itching for new category day, the most exciting day of the year.