🎷 Music League 3 - With a Vengeance 🎷 - The Final Round 🎷 A Track on 4AD

Chose a BANGER, you’ll all want to dance and you’re all welcome

Some of you are gonna know every song on this round aren’t you


got my first choice then was able to submit a second, I guess the 43 people before me were all submitting the same Cocteau Twins, Bauhaus and Modern English tracks. Will give big points to This Mortal Coil’s showing though

I’m assuming my song won’t do that well, but it’s one of the rare rounds where I feel more as though I want my song to be liked as I think they’re great song writers, if it gets noticed.

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If it’s Red House Painters I’ll give it most of my points.

:grimacing: umm


Easily my favourite 4AD band. Would normally have been eager to play them here, and did think some other RHP/SKM/MK songs would have been good for other rounds (some strong contenders for the seasons, collaborations and storytelling rounds in particular), but not sure how it feels now with all the sexual misconduct allegations?


To be honest I wasn’t even aware of the allegations, apologies for that - I’ll get up to speed. I love RHP, and first few SKM records. After that I have had little to no interest in the rambling stuff of the last decade (well it’s rambling stuff to my ears, I appreciate a lot of folk like it).

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OK, now more up to speed. Thanks for pointing this out to me, very serious stuff. Awful, I had no idea.


Yeah, that wasn’t the act I chose, thankfully.

Ah, no need for apologies - I figured you hadn’t heard. I guess they’re unclaimed, which might seem like a bit of a coup if you were looking for a round pick and didn’t know!

The Pitchfork article earlier this year as some more women came forward is particularly grim reading. There were a few big fans on here before it all came out.


Given the utterly unedited, (imo) hopelessly self-indulgent “I-did-this, I-went-there” nature of MK’s lyrics over the most recent albums, it is quite surprising that his deeply unpleasant behaviour went unreported as long as it did!

Track listing:

  1. The vet says my dog is too heavy.

  2. $4 for a bottle of water? That’s ridiculous!

  3. No means no? What’s that all about anyway?

  4. Don’t tell me it needs a new tyre! I only had them fitted 6 months ago!!



yeah, I didn’t realise until I shared a tune with flashinglight and they brought me up to speed on it


lots of his lyrics are very sus in light of what has surfaced

Really? I was kidding; I hadn’t actually given this serious thought; are there genuine instances?

Literally a well known technique of abusers is to make things glossed over, thus causing this type of unnecessary questioning. He did what he did, let’s move on from him.


Only got around to picking mine about an hour ago. Missed out on my first and second choice bands (who are probably mid-ranking 4ad obscurity). My 3rd choice is great but I’d imagine was one of 4ad’s least well selling/well known artists (saw her play to half a dozen people around the time of release). It is a great song (but no expectation of points though).

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I don’t have much history with 4AD but I have picked a song I think might have featured before. I’m a bit convinced I picked it but can’t remember which round.

@Marwood to the rescue

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I’m kingmakering @Marwood for this.