🎷 Music League 4 - Airwolf v Blue Thunder 🚁 - Round 12 🎷 Protest Songs 🎷

Oh boy, have I got a great choice for this round!

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Not sure what I’ll pick yet. Possibly something that will get people annoyed that it’s not a proper protest song.

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Ive got two on the shortlist, both of which will be taken right away i reckon

Might just try and submit a Sault strong straight away, to annoy the other ten people wanting to pick a Sault song.


Is there a distinction between protest song and political song?

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In the words of @riverwise, who chose the round:


Oh noo the song I was thinking of submitting is on the list of song done before!!

So we’re basically saying anything with a political theme then right?

Does Arming Eritrea count as a protest against the international weapons trade?

If Arming Eritrea is submitted for the 3rd or 4th time in Music League you can consider my not voting for it very much a protest.


I’m really looking forwards to this round. However, my school has signed me up on a new course to improve my teaching, which, whilst useful and enjoyable, will make it tough to listen to everything this week…

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Why is the only protest song I can think of β€˜profit in peace’ by ocean colour scene?


I’m not sure i know any protest songs i feel like sharing

I saw a reference to the song I was going to go for in relation to a hit TV show that I haven’t watched yet. Scared to google it in case I get spoilers but I get the feeling a version of it might have been used. There’s a great, great version of it that was guarenteed points but feel like its impact might be dulled if people are now familiar with the song. Back to the drawing board.

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if its the one i think you mean its a great pick and I would give it points

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Losing interest in ML but I managed to get my lightning fast fingers activated to submit a song I thought would be gone already by 12:03

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I’m assuming it doesnt have to be political and someone can be protesting against an individuals action by showing disapproval

Genuinely jealous of anyone who’ll be hearing my song for the first time.


Just submitted mine. Thought it was taken but actually no.

Really not that enthusiastic about my submission. Should have just sat this one out…

Cannot wait for Music League 5. Itching for new category day.