🎷 Music League 4 - Airwolf v Blue Thunder 🚁 Round 13 - Swearing songs 🎷

Starts on Saturday.

Songs that predominately feature swearing or have a swear word(s) in the title.

This is the Final Round of Music League 4

Music League 5 will start towards the end of next week and will feature a Halloween Round as round 1 and a Christmas Round to end on before a break for Christmas/New Year. The other rounds will be decided thus….

Link for music league

Top 3 from every round….



Had my pick for this set since the category was announced

This should be a fucking great round.

Yes c’mooooooon Discobot!!

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Hoping for something great again here, feels like we’ve had loads of superb playlists recently. My shortlist is actually short for once, going to need to be in early as I think I will have some competition for my first few choices.

I have the liberation of being nowhere near the top three so I’m going wildcard


  • I will be entering something good that happens to be a bit sweary
  • I will be entering something puerile because I’m basically a child

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  • We will get at least one of Fuck You I Don’t Want You Back, or Fuck You Right Back
  • We wont

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maannnn i’ve got a lot of options for this lol

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think i need to set a quota for a minimum amount of swears for a vote. something around ~25 maybe

Going to set a quota of a maximum of 15 swears per song. Any more than that and then zero points.


I want songs with exactly 7 swears, no more no less

  • Setting a quota
  • Not listening for and counting the amount of swear words in 36 different songs

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Guys, do the words ass/arse/ crap count as swearing? If so, I’ll have to shorten my list.

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no / yes / yes

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Quality or quantity?


Is ‘bloody well right’ by supertramp ok?

The use of the swear might be a deciding factor for me if I am trying to whittle down my list to 10 tracks to vote for. There is something to be said for an incredibly well placed swear over a load of causually dropped F-bombs.

This was my round, when I chose it I had a song with one really well placed swear in it in mind (not sure I’ll pick it now though). But to be honest I like it when people get creative with the brief. Looking forward to blasting the playlist loud.

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fucking (SWIDT?) gutted I played this in an earlier league. It’s perfect for this round

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