🎷 Music League 4 - Airwolf v Blue Thunder 🚁 Round 13 - Swearing songs 🎷

I literally just got here, so same.

I have an idea for this which essentially relies on everybody being inside my brain when they vote, a tactic which has never once worked out in my favour.


this could be the time

pretty silly round idea so tried to choose a song with a silly title (like when Moss from IT crowd says “ploppers”) and then realised the only band I listen to who uses swearing effectively is Propagandhi and I’ve already used them in another round

Must be more bands where the swearing has an impact or strengthens the songs message, no?

Best example I can think of is Evidently Chickentown by John Cooper Clarke…

well, it’s as much as asking someone who grew up listening to punk to submit a protest song

in my opinion

Well, I’m already swearing as I missed my first choice which will definitely win the round.

Stumbled across something the other day that would almost certainly win this and possibly bridge the gap to the podium but sticking to my principles and playing the first thing I thought of when this round was picked.

Torn between currently being on for a round pick in 21st place and wanting to finish above @brightlight for once!



Good luck!


I’m pretty torn also. I was 21st last round, now slipped down to 22nd, but it’s still within reach. However. I’m unfortunately going to win this round so that’s going to scupper my plans for 21st position.

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My first choice is gone - didn’t have a backup in mind so today is going to be a sweary Saturday as I decide what else I can use.

Looking forward to playing this on the family roadtrip to Plymouth in a week.


TFW you realise you dont listen to music with excessive swearing


I’m finding this actually. Even my scariest stuff in my collection isn’t very sweary. Clearly an area I need to focus on for the future.

I found a song but based on how the songs of similar vibes have done in the past the best I can hope for is it does so badly i end up 10th

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woah there, 10th is also my target!

Me, coming into my first Music League game with a “sweary song”:

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No matter how I do in this round, my song will have the best title. :slight_smile:

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Having spent the day putting together a flatpack bunk bed and engaging in more concentrated cussing than at any other time I can remember, I’m now feeling in a good headspace for this round.

Bring the fucker on!