Music League 4 🎷 Airwolf v Blue Thunder 🚁 Round 2 - An artist with < 100,000 monthly plays on Spotify. 🎷

Starts on Sunday 22nd August at 12pm

Theme is: An Artist with < 100,000 monthly plays on Spotify.

Under 100,000? Simple!

checks Spotify

Oh. Maybe it won’t be as simple…

Really wish I’d kept a note of all the artists I had to ditch from the under 1000 preseason round because they were just over.

Really enjoyed the Under 1000 listens in pre-season. Hope to find some hidden talent this time too!

care to link that playlist?

Am torn between two songs in particular, and have a fair few backups that would love a play. Would quite like a whole league full of sub 100,000 bands really.

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Is this based on the number of monthly listeners on the band’s profile?

Btw, thanks for running this again. Not got the time to do this full time, but I hope you don’t mind me dipping in and out.

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There are a good number of β€˜popular on DiS’ bands that comfortably qualify…the ones that came to mind first tend to be at the heavier and jazzier end of the spectrum so hopefully you’ll find something without too much searching.

Yeah, this is the key number:

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Feel like half my collection will qualify for this


Foolishly used my choice for this in preseason. Not exactly short of options, no idea what to pick though.

Don’t think I’m going to break even points wise in the first round so I’ll be breaking out a big gun for this.

Pretty sure i have more points than what @paulo13 will likely get already so I’m happy

As I am currently on zero points, I suspect you may be correct! :smiley:

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Stop the press: someone has just given me 3 points - the comeback starts here!


this playlist is really, really great

well done everyone x


Got four absolute stormers for this round. Three very different genres though and can’t decide between them.

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That’s the story of this round for me too!

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