🎷 Music League 4 Airwolf v Blue Thunder 🚁 - Round 3 Cover Versions

Starts on Friday at 12pm - COVER VERSIONS


Prizes at the end of League 4 are as follows…

1st Place - Pick 3 rounds and name the league.
2nd Place - Pick 2 rounds
3rd Place - Pick 1 round
10th Place - Pick 1 round
21st Place - Pick 1 round
25th Place - Pick 1 round
33rd Place - Pick 1 round

The 11th Round will be drawn randomly by Discobot.


Have had a particular submission in mind for this round since halfway through the first league. I was convinced the theme would come up in the second league.

No wavering, still excited to share what I have in mind.

Five points.

I intend to use this round to prove beyond any doubt that I do not play this game to win.


Trying to decide whether to pick cover of a DiS band for familiarity, or a cover of another indie song that won’t be familiar at all.

Me too

I’ve been wanting this round since the first league had been setup. You’d think with all that time I would have settled on a song I would definitely use but no. Just need to make a decision as to which of the 311 songs I have on my covers playlist I am going to go with.

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Trying to get @TAFH33 to kingmake you by choosing a 311 song, huh?


I think it is the only way I have a chance of getting kingmakered!

I’ve got three choices and if they are taken I’m screwed.

I’ll be spamming that “refresh” button at noon, no word of a lie.

I’m really looking forward to hearing this playlist. I’ve got a couple of choices for submission but not 100% decided yet. I may purposely leave my submission for a few hours then see what’s been taken already.

There’s not a whole lot of cover versions in hip hop are there?


my pick will probably be …

  • famous song that people don’t realise is a cover
  • indie darlings covering another indie darling
  • indie darlings covering a pop banger
  • pop star covering anything

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  • Wonderwall

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Quite worried my choice might anger people

Excellent, more submissions like this please. Can’t think of anything worse than a playlist of respectful, tasteful covers.


That was good. Can’t really argue with it. I’ve a few hip hop ones in my shortlist that aren’t 100% covers. Might post them afterwards because I don’t think I’m going to use them.

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he’s my fav music YouTuber, knows his shit and actually views basically all musical genres and musical tools (i.e. AutoTune) as equally valid and useful, so you get jazz musician expertise without jazz snobbery!


Probably would have played this if it was available