🎷 Music League 4 Airwolf v Blue Thunder 🚁 - Round 3 Cover Versions

damn, this isn’t useable

I’m definitely doing a small indie darling covering another indie darling. It just depends on whether I pick a song that people know or not. I’ve currently gone for an unknown song for the time being, just in case I forget to vote in time!

Further respect for Mr Adam Neely here. Really knows his stuff without being a snob.

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Wish there was negative votes in this round for any whispery-lady-singing-over-classic-indie-cover-in-an-advert-for-expensive-cars submissions


You won’t have to worry about that with my submission, I promise!

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Limp bizkit - faith

  • Will be on the playlist
  • Won’t be

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Will probably be kingmakered by me if it is…

I wish they’d done I Want Your Sex (pts 1 & 2).


Submitted a song that i’m hoping will fare better than my first two submissions.

COME ON insert song title here, YOU CAN DO IT!

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i have a good one that i’ve picked but there’s another one i would like to pick and hope someone else picks

Quite pleased with my submission, even if it does fall kind of into that “Live Lounge” realm. It’s better than any of those though, because I’ve submitted it.

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There is a band that is very unfashionable on Dis that have done some great covers of iconic ‘alternative’ anthems. Hearing their covers as b-sides was often my introduction to the original too. Would be tempted to go for it but my first choice represents a very cherished gig memory for me, so hope someone picks the other band.

Got a real shit or bust pick for this round! Wouldn’t be surprised by either a top or bottom placed finish…

cue mid table mediocrity

This is the dilemma. I have a cover of an old classic that only some people here will recognise, and it is really good in its own right, but I’m worried it’s going to get a bit lost if you don’t appreciate just what a reinvention of the original it is?

Ok, narrowing my choice for this round down a little. Gone from 311 to 15, this is harder than voting on the actual playlists!

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this is really good kudos

Mind’s gone completely blank on this one tbh, had to go with something relatively obvious. Is magical though, so it’s cool.

Two In Utero covers in the space of four songs. These sorts of coincidences really appeal to me for some reason

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Playlist up

Bad luck whoever picked Jennifer Lara as doesn’t look like it’s on Spotify here. YouTube link:


I was stuck between two songs in the end for my submission. 15 mins in and I am already thinking I went with the wrong one. My other choice was this:

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