🎷 Music League 4 - Airwolf v Blue Thunder 🚁 Round 4 - Something Water related.

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This is the thread for Round 4 which starts on Wednesday 1st September.
Topic - Something Water Related :sweat_drops:

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Nearly no ideas for this

I’m guessing this means stuff like ice, lakes, rain, showers, seas, oceans, baths…stuff like that.


I have a 76 song list for this I need to start cutting down.

Acceptibility of the following?
  • Float
  • Swim
  • Cry
  • Storm
  • Thirsty

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Think it depends on the other words in the title.

Let’s use the works of Modest Mouse in this example.
“Ocean Breathes Salty”- Fine. We’re clearly talking about a real ocean, made of water.
“Float On”- Pedant alarm! This could be floating on something other than water.

You’re welcome.

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I have too many ideas without a clear frontrunner

What’s the acceptability of places where you find water in the title (beach/coast/harbour etc)?

  • Yeah alright
  • Absolutely not

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Got two VERY different first choices for this round. Might have to flip a coin.

I have

  1. a choice that stays true to my roots and will be respected enough,

  2. a track everyone likes but may not vote for because it’s too obvious,

  3. a track that’s great but people seem to not vote for guitar music anymore,

  4. a lesser known artist who has better songs but this is the only water related one

  5. a track that is 15mins long and the whingers will have a field day

5 please.


Big 5

I’ve got a couple of potentials that are 20 minutes and 25 minutes long. I don’t think I can do it. Seems too self-indulgent for someone like myself.

I’m down to 4 potentials, 3 from the 80’s & 1 from the 10’s.

1910s sorely under-represented in the league so far, you’ve almost certainly got one of my points if you can fix that.


Alas it’s 2010’s, not 1910’s Octo

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Does it have to be in the title, or will a recurring lyrical motif do?

oh thought of a good one out of nowhere, which has some bonus personal relevance too. Sorted!

(saved me from playing an embarrassing teenage fav that would have got laughed out of them room/would probs have scored higher)

Isn’t “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” the title as well as the chorus?

Could someone share that list of all submissions so far? Not sure whether my choice has been played before or not.

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