🎷 Music League 4 🎷 Airwolf v Blue Thunder 🚁 Round 6 - Maths related song titles 🎷

Almost coinciding with the return of school. This starts on Saturday. Maths related song titles.

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Playlist featuring top 3 from every round so far…

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Have to say a little confused about exactly what fits this theme. What counts as a maths-related song title? Does it simply have to have a number, or does it needs to have a maths term in the title, such as “equals” or “minus”?

Graphs, ratio, shapes, numbers, sums, fractions, percentages,etc
There are literally loads of songs that fit the bill once you start looking.

For example this would count…

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Not sure I’ll play it, but there’s one song I’d be very disappointed not to see making an appearance

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Does the number have to somewhat be used in a math related way? Or anything with a number in the title goes?

I had a track just called (-) in my longlist, as far as I’m concerned that’s a 100% math title without a number

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If it comes to the crunch and splitting hairs is needed to get down to ten tunes to give points to I’d probably look unfavourably on a song that contains a number but doesn’t seem to be mathematical.

So to use examples from the current round the Feist song 1234 I’d be ok with because it appears to be counting from 1 to 4, but the SFA song Baby Ate My Eightball does contain a number but it’s not really mathematical, so all else being equal I’d drop that one.


Would it be OK to just have a mathematical symbol in the title, such as +, %, or =?


Just asking theoretically, would anyone suggesting The Expression That I Get by The Mighty Mighty Base-10’s, be facing an immediate life-time ban from the boards?


Played the first song I could think of, then tried to think of something better.

Couldn’t think of anything else so…enjoy that.

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I wanted to submit something with a really niche math term that would spin the pedants into a frenzy but then just chose something basic and couldn’t believe it was still available

  • Shapes
  • Plus, minus, multiply, divide
  • Other
  • Percentages
  • Fractions
  • Numbers
  • Ratio
  • Angles

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We’re allowing straight numbers?

Surely not.


Agonised between two picks. Hope someone went for the one I ultimately didn’t as it’s a great song, and to see how it fares against the one I did go for.

Can’t believe all this handwringing when Ed Sheeran has like four albums with mathematical titles. There’s enough to go round, guys!


I’d rather people went for a track that says something maths related like 500 miles rather than a track called 500.


Really sorry to Brainfreeze for how many times I’ve changed my submission. My brain keeps dredging up maths terms it hasn’t thought of since my A-Levels

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I too hope there is a Proclaimers track in every round now that we’ve broken the duck.