🎷 Music League 4 - Airwolf v Blue Thunder 🚁 Round 7 - In the Mosh Pit 🎷

This round starts on Thursday….

Mosh Pit tracks!


Leaderboard currently

Top 3 from every round playlist…

Strange one this. It’s not “favourite heavy track” or “best for headbanging”, mosh pits for me are all about fast music like thrash or maybe hardcore punk. Most of the heavy stuff I like is like 3bpm so wouldn’t really fit. Going to have to get my thinking cap on

Let’s make slow moshing a thing



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I’ve moshed to JJ72, anything is possible


All of Music League so far has been leading to this round.

Got a feeling this round d will heavily favour the songs at the start of the playlist

Unless it’s got a breakdown, I’m not voting for it. If I can’t throw limbs, it’s getting diddly squat.


I don’t really listen to much that works qualify here but having despaired at how obvious everything on my initial shortlist was I’ve done some research and have settled on an act and track that is new to me and I think it is a really good one and will surely win. Sorry everyone in advance for taking the trophy in a round I barely know anything about.

Just posting the list of submissions due to chat on the Maths thread stating there’s been a lot of duplicate bands…


35-40 entrants X average hardcore/thrash track length = a playlist under 90 mins?

what about th Vietnam War era songs?

I am probably the least likely person you would find in a mosh pit (I get annoyed if someone stands to close to me at a regular gig) so I am fully expecting my eventual pick to get disqualified as it will be deemed unmoshworthy.

This round was my suggestion and while my musical leanings are more towards the heavy side these days the reason I went for 'get you in the Mosh pit rather than heavy songs or whatever is that I wanted to be fairly inclusive. I’ve seen ‘mosh pits’ at some pretty mild gigs, and you get them at dance gigs, rap gigs etc. Just go with that song where you think you’d like to get down the front and have a jump around


Really looking forward to this round now. Spent the week listening to a load of heavy, abrasive, loud stuff and it’s got me really in the mood.

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track submission open a bit earlier for this

Yep. Everyone has voted in Maths round so submissions are go!

Regrettably my go-to choice for mosh pit classic has been recently revealed as an irredeemably abysmal human being, so I’m going to have to put thinking into this.

The agony of whether to go for ironic cheesey nu-metal or grinding hardcore…