Music League 4 🎷 Airwolf v Blue Thunder 🚁 Starts August 18th! Round 1 - The Human Body

Here’s the link to sign up and submit for Round 1

This is also the chat for Round One - The Human Body


ooh we can submit already? That leaves enough time for approximately 1,049 submission changes


I just thought when reading your post that my inbox might get busy!! :man_facepalming:t2:

Is anybody going for a song featuring an obscure body part?

Thought I’d decided on my submission for this round six weeks ago, and still managed to change my mind within two minutes of submitting.


was just thinking could be a good bonus point challenge

wonder if anyone’s written a banger about the pancreas before

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a quick Google afforded the following obscure body parts and they all sound like pretty sweet death metal band names



is this just body parts or are bodily functions allowed?

Potential to introduce (some) downvotes? Trial run currently being conducted in preseason

  • For them
  • Against them
  • Unsure

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Added a fun extra element to me but I know it might make some people pretty sad to see a beloved song getting downvoted, and wouldn’t want to discourage anyone

i like it when you get downvoted, but when i get downvoted, no, i don’t like that at all


114 songs and counting on my longlist for this. Need to start cutting them down a bit!

I’m unsure. I sort of like it at the moment, but then I think I miss just listening to the songs I like and skipping the ones I dislike., I’m not sure I want to pay attention to which of the 50+ songs I dislike the most to get my downvote!

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I think the downvote is fun in a small league but the potential here is that someone has to go with their 4th/5th choice of song and then ends up with 30+ downvotes.

Oh yeah hadn’t considered that a last place track could be down at -30 or something :grimacing:

I have made one alteration to this league.

King making. You still have 10 points to distribute how you see fit… but the maximum you can give one track is 8 points.


Yep, plus it could potentially mean that people make β€˜safer’ song choices to not risk a very big negative scoring song, which would be a shame if so.



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can you change it to 5?

I did do a quick search on Spotify for songs called Islets of Langerhans when thinking about this round the other day, but sadly the results were all dreadful.

Gonna try to get in on this if I manage to get the time!

Just checking, but in this round it could be a song titled after a body part, or one that just mentions it in lyrics or whatever, right?