🎷 Music League 4 - Airwolf v Blue Thunder 🎷

It’s all about the song title I would say.


Do bodies of water count? Lakes, rivers, the sea etc? (obviously this question relates to the water round rather than the body round).

Human Body is my round. The rules I’ll be judging on will be

The Boys are Back in Town :x:
Oliver’s Army :x:
Dick in a Box :white_check_mark:
Shaddap You Face :white_check_mark:
Any 311 track :white_check_mark:

Whether that’s how anyone else sees it, I don’t know


I would say anything water related is just that. Rivers, sea, swimming pool, sinks, puddles, ice, steam etc.

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Just two months to go people!


I am very ready for this!


Sunday Bloody Sunday:

  • oooh naughty
  • u dont know what swearing is man

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(already know my pick for this round and I WILL NOT be changing for anything)


The track I wanted for the protest songs round is now on Spotify, excited for it to scoop up all of your points Sometime in September/October!


This remains the only round for which I have absolutely no ideas.


It was discussed but as far as I’m aware not finalised, are the rounds going to be a week long?

Towns/cities from fiction (e.g. Gotham City)

  • Allowed
  • Not allowed

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Songs which invent their own fictional town/city (e.g. Paradise City)

  • Allowed
  • Not Allowed

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I’ll be watching these results carefully in case we do a planet/country round in the future, so that I know whether I’ll be able to use Scatman’s World / Scatland

Less than a month to go, prep work well underway, looking forward to this.


Me too. Except I had a whole document full of my choices which has disappeared since my computer has completely died!

I hope I can remember by then…

Ouch, not what you want!

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The worst feeling I can get with the Music League is just choosing something off the top of my head and then shortly after remembering the song I REALLY wanted to include.

If I don’t get my document back in time, this might happen a lot…


Been having fun musing on potential picks and looking through track listings during general listening to see if any meet any particular criteria.

Bit apprehensive about the mosh pit round. Not somewhere I often alright, ever found myself and hoping it’s not a really heavy 4hr+ playlist.

Also misread one of the round titles and now have a nice shortlist of song titles made up of four letters that I can’t currently do much with…


Never pre-think Music League, always go impulsive. Living life on the edge.