🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest… Round 1 - An artist who as never featured on music league 🎷

An artist that has never featured on music league…

Here is a list of every track and artist that has been on music league
Shout out to @Marwood for creating it…


Link to league 5…

Winners over the past 4 leagues…

Round is open now for submissions…


I may be asking too much of the person who chose this theme but if they could post a comprehensive list of all the artists that have featured before that’d be grand

Look in the post

I can’t believe that Radiohead have already been used. FUCK.


Hoping no-one beats me to Arming Eritrea

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Need to do some thrifty work to post modest mouse songs every round

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Woah Leo Sayer’s Australian?

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Singers/songwriters who’ve been the driving force in multiple bands and one of their projects has already featured

  • Fair game if the specific artist name isn’t in the list
  • Not for me, clive

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I always select artists that haven’t been in music league, so this will be pretty easy for me! Will see if I can find anyone that I don’t think I would be able to find a reason to use in other rounds.

love to make DiSers listen to rap songs i know most of them are going to hate


Bloody hell, we’re starting already!

This one of my choices for a round, to keep it fresh, like, and also as a shout out to @Marwood as his google doc list thing is brilliant.


Absolutely flabbergasted (flabbergasted!) that my artist hasn’t already featured. The list has spoken though.

Like this guy, you mean?

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Very nearly went with a Magnolia Electric Co. song but it felt a bit too sneaky

With the possible exception of playing Boris as half of the collaboration round I don’t think I’ve ever played an artist that has already featured so this one’s kind of a free hit. Exceptionally pleased with my choice.

Oooh, excited for everyone to hear one someone else already picked, it’s one of the most brutal and beautiful things ever recorded.

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Just thought of a good one and checked the spreadsheet. The artist has featured before, and it was the exact song I was thinking of that had been picked. By me.


Gonna jump back IN


Gonna try this again - sorry everyone!


Wrong thread! :rofl: