🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest! - Round 10 - A track that takes you on a journey

This round starts on Tuesday. A track that takes you on a journey….

Here’s all the tracks/artists ever featured in Music League


Here’s a link to the league itself…

Top of the table!

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Yall gunna hate ne after this round

Can’t believe my third round is up already. I’m looking for songs that have some blend of the following traits:

a) multi-segmented
b) makes you feel like you’ve been moved from Point A to Point B in one way or another (ideally with additional points in between)
c) leaves you feeling like you really just experienced something

I’m guessing a lot of the submissions will be fairly long, but it’s very possible to do this with a short song, even a minute long one.

Probably the most textbook example that’s already been played / that everyone will know is Paranoid Android. The long nightmarish Silverfuck I played also fits, of course.

I will also never miss an opportunity to post this.

How long

  • 3 hours
  • 4 hours
  • 5 hours
  • 6 hours
  • 7 hours
  • 8 hours +

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I already know that my choice (as long as someone else doesn’t chose it first) will fall victim to my biggest music league pet peeve… peoples self imposed rules.

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There’s one song that might be way too obvious and might be known to everyone playing, but it’s still so tempting to pick on the chance that even one person hasn’t heard it yet.

Gonna try to find the shortest pick possible for this

Just pretty glad that I know what Paranoid Android sounds like so that I don’t have to see what Zwan sound like!

Not sure what I’ll pick for this round really. Especially if I’m trying to avoid a 10+ minute one.

The submission I have in mind makes a round trip from point A to point A via some other points so I reckon that’s still a journey.

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a journey, into/through the sky perhaps?


i was completely stuck on this one but realised the other day that an all time favourite of mine fits this. very excited (for it to get one point)

i would submit this one if i could ensure everyone hears it on a system that looks like this:


Got a suitable track for this now. Not sure how it will do, but it feels like it fits the brief. And at least it’s closer to 5 minutes than 10, but couldn’t get it any shorter.

If I find myself stuck between a few tracks that take me on a journey, I’ll definitely be using time as a tiebreaker. If you can make me feel like I’ve been on journey (that I enjoy) in under a minute then take most of my points…


I can see most people seem to be aiming for shorter tracks. That’s fine, but I’m going pretty epic for this round.

Let’s see

My choice is:

  • 0-3 minutes
  • 3-6 minutes
  • 6-9 minutes
  • 9-12 minutes
  • 12 minutes plus

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Have made a potentially terrible decision on multiple levels. Sticking to it. Not going to win this thing, so may as well go out in a blaze of glory.


5 points, tops


Did briefly flirt with the ideas of something over 20 mins

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My track is under ten minutes! It’s nine minutes.

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