🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest! - Round 10 - A track that takes you on a journey

Cant believe I wasted the DragonForce track on the last round




I might chose a song that sounds like it’s going to take u on a journey but abruptly stops and blame it on an engine failure or something and hope the 1 min run time serves enough brevity to get a bunch of votes out of sheer apathy for the rest of the playlist


Think I’m overthinking this too much, have talked myself out of so many choices thinking they don’t change sound enough times, maybe the sound can stay but the mood can change.

I’ve submitted something but I know I’m going to kick myself when I suddenly remember something better at 12:01!

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Exactly the same

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now mulling over playing a really lengthy number, oh how the turns table

Pick it and stick to it, that’s my motto! (Which is why I’m currently in the relegation zone)

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Here we go


Much shorter than I was expected and contains quite a few absolute faves.

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ooh a few crowd pleasers on that

Currently resisting the urge to kingmake Vroom Vroom

Ahh Moanin’ is such a classic

Also this was gonna be an hour long live version of all the parts of Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians so … consider yourselves lucky


Hope people make it to the absolutely epic last 2mins 30 of my longest track so far.

I was um-ing and ah-ing all last night about swapping my choice for Ruby '81. Turned out it would have been for nothing haha. I love that song so much.

Just the 4hrs thank fuck

There is a track I expect to walk this, unless anything new comes close. Feel stupid for picking anything else.

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Nevermind the playlist loaded incorrectly.

Still 6 all timers though

Really? There are like 15 all timers that all fit the bar perfectly on this playlist

That’s not taking into account the 10 or so songs I’ve never heard

7 if you count mine