🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the Greatest! 🎷 - Round 11 Side Projects/ Solo projects

Side Projects/Solo Projects kicks off on Sunday….


Top of leaderboard….

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Top 3 from every round…

Every track used in music league…



Do we reckon it counts if a band member guests on a different (lead) artist’s track?

that’s fine imo

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got too many too choose between for this one

Does someone being ina band before, then being in this ba d count? Gosh, IDK?!

I’ve barely even thought about this round. Fuck.

Sorry that wouldn’t count in my book. That would just be a guest appearance / feature etc imo…

Ideally with this round I was looking for solo stuff by say like Paul McCartney for example or something more fully formed even if it was just a project with only a handful of songs - hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Only one choice for this round, easy peasy

It does, thank you!
If the band broke up before the solo stuff came out, we cool with that or no?

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I seem to have some side project bands comprised of artists from two other bands. Not sure which of them to pick at the moment (unless I come up with something completely different in the end).

No probs! And yep that’s totally fine, just as long as it’s a different project under a different name.

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For it to count as a side project, does the artist’s other band have to still exist at the time of the project?

Hypothetical scenario to explain:

Let’s say we’re playing this round in late 2005, and we’re living in a universe where both Zwan’s Mary Star of the Sea and Billy Corgan’s TheFutureEmbrace are on Spotify.

Would Zwan not count since the Pumpkins have broken up and it’s now Billy’s / Jimmy’s new band and therefore not a side project, but TheFutureEmbrace would since it’s a solo album?

if someone in a band then

I think any of Billy’s various projects / bands outside of the Pumpkins are fair game tbh.

Just looking for tracks not from people’s main day jobs. So no Radiohead but go nuts if you want to submit a Jonny, Thom or even an Ed song.

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think this should be a rule in general tbh


So if Wu-Tang is their main job… Oh Boy.


I know mine won’t be at the bottom of the pack but it’ll either do massively well or undewhelm the socks off of me in terms of placement with no inbetweenies

Feels like there is potential for a lot of hip-hop in this round…

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Exactly that would give you tons to explore! Really trying not to give to too many examples as it is quite a broad round really. Guess was just trying to avoid some of the big hitters that come up more often…

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