🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the Greatest! 🎷 Round 12 - A track that changed your perception of an artist. 🎷

This round kicks off on Friday. A track that changed your perception of an artist.

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Music league… Music League

Past podium winning songs…


I wanted to pick this but its not on Spotify. Scatman john

It would’ve won


Ooh, not heard that before, thanks! Scatman was my first cd single, and a hero of mine. Glad I didn’t have to kingmake your song choice!

Not too sure what I will pick yet, as I’m not entirely sure ehih artists I have disliked/now like, or have changed my perceptions a lot. At the moment I’ve got a song from an artist that people might not like, and where this song might be a bit different and unexpected. (Not a Smashing Pumpkins tune)

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This playlist is going to be incredibly random. In my case, I’m thinking of submitting something by a band I had pre-formed an opinion on based on their name alone, but upon actually hearing them I was surprised at their sound. But I don’t know.

I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head where I hated their early stuff but liked the later stuff. And I certainly wouldn’t want to submit something where the other way is true.

never changed my mind about any artist ever


I’ve got one artist in mind for this. If they are taken then I’ve no idea what I’ll do.

Really annoyed I wasted that David Guetta song about food on preseason now.

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loved that one

wonder if anyone will submit a track that made me think worse of an artist :smiley:

This is the shortest shortlist of tracks I’ve had for any round, going to have to be lightening quick when the submissions open!

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This is the one I was most looking forward to

Bestest selection of hip hop to date imho

I prejudge bands by their name all the time. If it wasn’t part of Music League I would never have listened to maybeshewill two rounds ago


Yep, that’s like the time the band You’ve Got Foetus On Your Breath came up on music league, and… Ah wait. My preconceptions were met with that song.

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How picky are people going to be about this? What if a track completely and totally changed my perception but without context it just sounds like a track, by an artist. Totally normal stuff…

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I’ll trust you, Dayrider.

As long as you pass the interrogation.

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Yeah that counts, this is an especially personal choice surely. Like, you could have just judged them by their name and the first song you hear makes you a fan - THats legit, even if the tracks itself is normal by their standards


Yeah that’s what I’m thinking, it might not be obvious when browsing the playlist but what I have will certainly withstand a firm questioning so I’m happy now…

feel like we should all just talk about our picks and the reason for inclusion in this thread after the playlist comes out.

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