🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the Greatest! 🎷 Round 12 - A track that changed your perception of an artist. 🎷

Just gonna judge this like I would a round that’s title based.

We’ve all written off plenty of acts before, bad names, part of a genre you’re not keen on, weren’t a fan of their popular/earlier/later stuff, etc, so thought this could a good opportunity to give them a chance of redemption for others who might’ve done similar.

It’s a bit of an anything goes round, but hopefully it encourages people to include their reasoning behind it when they submit their pick (personally don’t think we need to know the reasons until the results).


wow, the rounds where seemingly everyone was saying exact criteria.

this looked like a tough round to pick for, got something i thought was obviously good for it and now the consensus is ‘anything goes’. like, “you might not be able to hear it, but this band used a slightly different guitar on this one and honestly i was taken aback”- 20 points.

naaaaaaaaaah! i , for one will be a strict judge- pedants where you at?

It’s impossible for anyone to object to a pick in this round sadly.

it is possible to not vote for a pick unless the intent is understood, though. this is how i will vote

I’ve rarely made a complete u-turn from “this artist is bollocks” to “this artist is great” or vice-versa.

However, maybe a good way to approach this round is that an artist’s STYLE surprised you in a positive way. For example, I thought they were really experimental, but it turns out they can write a good three-minute pop song (Can, for example).

Another way could be to say an artist is doing a sound or style well to which they are not normally associated. For example, everyone might associate this band with long-winded prog, but here’s them doing something great in another style.

I think it’s in the spirit as long as it showcases an intriguing and unfamiliar side to an artist.


The artist I’m going for I thought were shit. Until I heard one song by them and it changed because that song was a blinder. Prepare to enjoy something you didn’t think you would…


Definitely. If we were going the other way around, this song is the one that finally killed off the last remains of teenage Ian Brown hero worship for me. I hope I never have to hear it again though (Spotify took it down anyway, ha!):

My challenge is that my biggest changes in perception of an artist have mostly come through previous music league picks. Some heavier acts I would never previously have given a chance at one end of the scale to ABBA with their surprisingly excellent The Day Before You Came (and subsequently The Visitors album) on the other.

Thundercat was my first thought when the rounds were announced as Drunk is way more fun and interesting than my previous po faced, muso jazz wank perception (though still the only album of his I’ve really clicked with), but I’ve already played him.

I’m kinda hoping the playlist initially looks like something from the terrible festival lineups thread, but turns out to be great!


struggling with this a bit - there are loads of artists i didn’t like and then started to like but my mind has gone quite blank trying to remember them

a lot of the ones i’ve thought of are artists i’ve already played

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although reading the thread has helped as i was trying to think of artists whose sound has changed and stuff in particular

So if I were to put a song by a band I never thought would sound good again but turned out to release a great song again

Would that count. Perception going from washed up band to oh no still great band

Asking for a friend

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I reckon that would be perfect, tell your friend!

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Okay then I got the perfect choice

For my friend…


damn, someone already got to my choice after 4 songs submitted. I need to be quicker!

Going to struggle to make time for these last 3 but there’s definitely some stuff I want to share/inflict on people so might end up entering but not voting.

how we scoring this? not exactly easy to judge how much somebody else’s perception has changed…

Fav songs. Songs that also changed my perception or change my perception whilst listening will be weighted

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This is definitely a round where having everybody’s rationale would be an asset…

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