🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest! 🎷 Round 13 Christmas!! πŸŽ„

:christmas_tree:This round kicks off on Wednesday! It’s a short round and closes at 6pm on Christmas Day! :snowman:

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V excited for this round

Here’s the leaderboard

sweet, I still have a shot at #1

Dreading this round. Not picking a song, but for the playlist. It’s the one round I really wish we had some down votes!


Nothing can spark that festive cheer like giving a downvote can


On the night before ML voting deadline, Paulo will be visited by three ghosts…


Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. But when you work in a Christmas decorations department for 5 months and you have to listen to Christmas music the whole time, it starts to effect your well being haha


That’s actually quite a fair explanation for your reluctance…

Hopefully it’ll be a nice mix of the known and the unknown. I feel your pain. It drives me mad!! Every time I’m in the car with my daughter she wants Heart Christmas on the radio! :weary:

Yeah, this round is basically a big middle finger to anyone who has worked in retail/hospitality

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The Ghost of Christmas Duck!

Can we choose songs which mention Christmas but are not specifically Christmassy?

Also, there are loads of great Christmas-themed songs which are almost never played in retail.


I don’t think I’ll play it but I have one such song on my shortlist…

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I think this should be actively encouraged!


Yeah I think a song that specifically mentions a holiday count more than a song that mights have some jingle bells in it but doesn’t mentions anything actually Christmas, like snow or something.


Got soooo many choices for this round, not sure to go with a β€œcool” alternative take on a christmas classic, a less well known new christmas tune or some bat-shit interpretation of a well know song.

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I have lots of choices for this round but will fuck it

Lapsed my membership of the Music League a while back as didn’t have the time to dedicate to it, but definitely up for re-joining. Any objections if I take part in the last couple of rounds this league to get my eye in in advance of the next one?

Any chance of a link to spreadsheet to show what’s been played?


suppose you can join in if you promise to vote for my picks