🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest! - Round 14 🎷 A favourite track from 2021 part 2

Starting this thread early because the next few days may be a bit busy!


So this round runs from XMAS DAY at 6pm
Up to NEW YEARS DAY at 6pm

This is the FINAL round of League 5 and the winner of this round gets to pick a round for league 6.

REMEMBER THE XMAS ROUND (Round 13) is shorter and only runs from the 22nd to the 25th December

For round 14 as with all rounds it’s not normally the done thing to submit a track that’s been used before. Earlier this year we had a round called a favourite track from 2021
This was the playlist so no repeats are submitted…

This is every track used in all the leagues so far…


Playlist of the top 3 from all rounds…


Got a track pretty nailed on for this, though wish people could watch the video for it too

Just bumping this thread. This round starts tomorrow when voting has ended on the Christmas Round or 6pm whichever happens first.

Track means it can be from an album release this year right, not just singles?

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This round is now open!

I am so confident this round that if it doesn’t finish top ten I’ll be nice to @paulo13 all next music league


I’m so confident that my dreary song won’t do well again this round, so unsurprisingly you won’t have any competition from me!
But if I do end up in the top ten then I’ll be nice to you!

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Can’t believe we’re at the end of the league already. Going to miss the propagation of the Billy Corgan is the Greatest threads. Listening to Mellon Collie Disc 2 right now and feeling a sense of loss.


I can’t decide what to submit. Let’s try and work out how to do a poll shall we

  • My favourite song from this year that probably nobody else will like
  • My second favourite song from this year which might get more votes

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I eagerly await my total of two points regardless

Generally speaking the less thought I put in my choice the better I do. So go with your first


I’ve gone BANGER which has GREAT LINES and makes me LAUGH and want to hit REPLAY over and OVER

Mid table guaranteed

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Five minute submission warning! Good prize for winning this round.

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We’re up!


Just managed to get my submission in 20mins before the deadline.


Nearly changed mine to Wolf Alice - How Can I Make It Okay as ThaTs actually my track of the year, but think my actual pick will go down nicely

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And what a great track that is. I didn’t really know how to gauge this round. Go for an out and out top drawer banger or something a little less known but equally as good. Only time will tell.

Along with So U Kno, which I’m glad someone beat me to as it had to be on here, my other song of the year was Point and Kill, but given Little Simz is sweeping up in the album of the year polls I ditched it to go for something that might be more of a discovery for people. But if you haven’t heard it, it’s the best song on one of the best albums of the year:

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The album is in my top3 but that track weirdly doesn’t resonate much with me. I know it’s the fav for a lot of people, but I like at least 5 tracks more than it

Funny old game eh

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I can see why it wouldn’t resonate for everyone in the surrounds of the album, it’s a little bit of an outlier because to be fair it would be no less of a track without her; if you just had that bassline and Obongjayar it would still slap, whereas most of her stuff she is naturally front and centre of the appeal.

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