🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest! - Round 14 🎷 A favourite track from 2021 part 2

Much like the “How aligned with the critical consensus” thread, this playlist has also proved that I am not aligned with the DiS either :joy:

Waleed track is gorgeous

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surprised that im not finding much in here to my liking. maybe ten tracks total i was interested in on first play through.

not that i have much room to talk… im sure my track will only appeal to about three folks on here hah.

would be cool to have a graph of which users have given you the most points down to the least.


Yeah, a nice csv export of each league would be a very fine thing, indeed.

i just want to know which users i need to send bday gifts to and which ones i need hire some goons to go toilet paper their place of residence.


Slow going on this playlist due to Christmas and the arrival of a Nintendo Switch in the irony house. Am getting used to being beaten on MarioKart 8 by my children and they don’t have a driving license between them.

These were on my shortlist:


where’s the best place to ask about plans for league 6?

Bring back downvotes
Cracking Up Lol GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


Just getting around to the playlist now. Gotten up to The World is a Beautiful Place track (which is mint) and wondered if I should have gone with this 18min gem:

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how’s your top 10 hunt looking? I’m joint 11th, so hopefully I don’t start to do any better!

Joint 10th

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Clearly not winning, but also not getting a pick a round spot. So now I’m just on a personal contest to beat @Icarus-Smicarus



That John Francis Flynn track reminded me of some late 80s early 90s indie song with a female vocal, the only lyric I can remember is “my daydream…” It’s possibly Pixies because it sounds a bit Kim Deal in my head. Kind of ethereal. Any ideas anyone?

This maybe?

Not that, it’s more of a textured guitar thing, a bit shoegazey I suppose. If the intro of JFF was more…smeary? Like feedback had made it hard to hear the individual notes being strummed.

I thought it might have been something off Loveless but nothing fits. Never really listened to any other shoegaze stuff.

Sorry I missed this one. I would have played this:

Heard it once on the radio and it just instantly grabbed me. None of the rest of their stuff does much for me - a bit too arch and Divine Comedy-ish for my tastes. But this bleak krautrocky indie thing really does it for me.


Well, you’re lucky, because someone chose a song from that very album!

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I know the answer, get ready.