🎷 Music League 5 - Billy Corgan is the greatest 🎷 Round 2 - Halloween 🎃

Halloween- Round 2 kicks off on Friday.

Anything Halloween related or tracks that are Spooky/sinister/creepy :skull:

Here is the league….


Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:


Got a traxk I nearly played for round 1, but on listening again the production is v creepy so thought I’d use it for this instead

Nothing especially ghostly though so I hope people are ope to tracks that just have the right vibe

No idea for this, absolutely none.

Formerly Marilyn Manson would have been a shoe-in for this round. Of course I’m actually going to have to think about things now - fuck that guy right into the ground.

How I wish this was on Spotify


Had hoped there would be a Halloween round and proper excited for this playlist!

Got my shortlist down to a strong four. No idea which one to go for currently.

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Wonder how people are going to distinguish between this one and the end of the world round.

I also wondered this, though my #1 choice for EOTW is categorically not halloweeney.

My halloweeney choice is a little EOTW sounding however.

Yeah, I’m guessing this one might be a little bit more “fun / Halloween party” spooky and a little bit less “go find a clearing in the woods where you wait for the comet to come.” Though there’s probably still a bit of overlap.

Another rejected round title, FWIW.


We were deprived a truly great round there.

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Pssttt… @SloameOcean has been posting a lot of cool stuff over here since the start of October if you need inspiration

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I really need to venture off the horror thread every now and then! :slight_smile:

Thanks, will have a scan. Will also continue my usual method of typing something like “hurdy gurdy Halloween” into Spotify and seeing what comes up as well, just in case.


For this round I put a load of choices on whilst my 3 year old Niece was over at the weekend. If she stopped what she was doing and told me she didn’t like the music then it wsa a possibilty, if it made her cry then I knew I was on to a winner.*

*I did actually not do this, my Niece is hard as nails and wouldn’t be phased by anything I put on.


something spooky

like the entire genre of doom metal?

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I would very much approve

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No idea what to pick for this one. Think i’m going to go for vibe rather than direct halloween link

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Same here. Very few decent tunes that are directly about halloween, at least the stuff I know about.

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very glad I happened to take a sick day when submissions were due